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Churches of England Part Deux


The beautiful village of Wells, England captured me.  The high street was filled with people carrying on their daily business, oblivious to me.  This streetscape and skyline are breathtaking.
There was a blind man in this square preaching his heart out.  He was holding his Bible over his head, shouting out everyone’s need for a Savior and giving his personal testimony.   I stood there and listened for a few minutes.  He wasn’t obnoxious or overbearing.  He was pleading.
Just beyond the square, nestled into the corner is this quaint little setting.
 Through the stone opening just left of center is a masterpiece…
Wells Cathedral, built and expanded on between 1175 and 1490 A.D. –  mostly completed by 1239 A.D.
The facade of this mammoth cathedral is covered in stone carved saints.  The detail is exquisite.
Perched above the high altar is this work of art.
The architecture and detail are stunning.

My pictures don’t do the stained glass justice!

One can only imagine this great hall filled with the sounds of this massive pipe organ.

Down this corridor and out that door is a beautiful courtyard.

A view of the cathedral from the courtyard.
I am in awe at the dedication and perseverance it must have taken to complete this painstaking labor of love.   Words cannot adequately describe the beauty that is this work of art.

9 thoughts on “Churches of England Part Deux

  1. God, that makes me miss Europe. I will have to visit England next time I go, but I found many beautiful, amazingly designed then long toiled over cathedrals much like the ones you've shared when I was in France, Belgium, Austria… they are humbling.


  2. Loved seeing England architecture through your lens. … Zoe ~


  3. Reblogged this on Out From Under the Umbrella and commented:

    While I’m tiptoeing down memory lane I might as well post the sequel. Wells Cathedral is breathtaking.


  4. Lovely pics, Ruth – I’ve never been to Europe . .. these reminded me of the book by Ken Follett – Pillars of the Earth. .. again, just gorgeous photos!


  5. It is a stunner, no doubt about it.
    Never visited the place. But then, as so often happens, one must be a tourist before one gets to see one’s own ‘backyard’.

    Chester ( my old home town) Cathedral is also a magnificent piece of architecture.
    I was once politely yet firmly asked to leave by a warden(?) while wandering around eating an ice cream – I had missed my bus home.
    ‘Twas a long time ago!


  6. A wok of art indeed. I love looking round such places, and unlike The Ark, would never dream of eating an ice cream whilst doing so. 😉 I remember as a child, that in our town square there was always preaching going on.


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