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Will the REAL Jesus Christ Please Stand Up?


This was in my facebook news feed today.

Do tell!

It is presumed that if the Jesus you know isn’t the one being proclaimed here that you are serving an idol and are most likely deluded and going to hell.  The only problem is it’s not as if any two people have the same idea of who exactly that Jesus is.  And since each person who proclaims this message seems to have cornered the market on him, I’m not exactly sure how to know which one is the right one.

So for crying out loud, will the REAL Jesus please stand up!?!  There are a lot of us out here who would like to follow if we could only get a good understanding of who you really are.  Are you a myth?  Were you a real historical person that other people embellished for their own agenda?  Were you really born of a virgin?  Did you really rise from the dead? C.S. Lewis says you’re either a lunatic, liar or the Lord.  That doesn’t leave any possibility that parts of the gospels could be true and other parts fabricated.  It doesn’t leave open the possibility that people who weren’t eyewitnesses to the actual events could have misrepresented them or simply gotten the facts wrong. 

For all of her emotion and sincerity it’s still as clear as mud who she’s calling The Christ.  There’s a laundry list of things he definitely is not, but no definitive answer to who exactly he is.


8 thoughts on “Will the REAL Jesus Christ Please Stand Up?

  1. She's a gifted speaker/poet isn't she. One can feel the adrenaline start to flow and the heart rate gradually increase. Gradually, the emotions swell and before you know it, your hands are in the air and you're kneeling at the cross…. Zoe ~


  2. Yes Zoe, and you don't really even quite know why. Somehow you're emotions just got the better of you.


  3. I've got to credit her for trying to dispel some of the more objectionable versions of Jesus, like the prosperity gospel Jesus.


  4. She does that extremely well. Her diatribe is what makes it difficult for me to embrace a mystical Jesus, one that didn't rise from the dead – literally. Either he rose from the dead or all faith in Christianity is in vain. I believe Paul said that.


  5. Hm. Were you an atheist when you wrote this? Or just questioning? Or were you sort of an atheist but afraid to admit it to yourself? I spent a couple years in a place like that.


    • Hmmm..there was a youtube video that went with this. I’ll see if I can go find it.

      Looking back on it, I’d say I was still questioning, but there was a phase where I didn’t believe anymore but was in denial about it, so I could have been there. I was in denial about a lot of things for a long time. :/


    • I couldn’t find the video but here’s the poem she wrote and recited:

      I want the real Jesus

      I want the real Jesus
      Not the one who appeases us.
      I want the living God
      Not this secular physode.
      There’s some Friction
      About the Crucifixion
      It’s more than a benediction.
      There is Accountability
      And vulnerability
      Which Leads one to a life of
      Spiritual stability.
      You can’t try to fly
      When you’re living a lie
      Injected by a media that worships
      the Third Eye.
      Only a fish out of water
      Can tell it’s a new order.
      Only those that pay attention
      Can see its false protection.
      Mind games rule the masses
      It is time for you to grasp this.
      Our music bleeds on innocent lives
      We are forgetting Pollution has a price
      Don’t fall asleep to all the signs
      We are living in the end times.

      By: Sabina Nicole


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