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Proof that Bible is accurate


Yes! Did u hear this? A diver found coral shaped like a chariot wheel at the bottom of the sea… It stands as a proof of the story in the Bible, saying that Pharaoh’s army was drowned as the parted Red Sea took away all of his army with its returning to normal state.

I found this on a Christian website today.  I really had to surf around to make sure this wasn’t an atheist site parodying.  Because yes!!! If they found coral shaped like a chariot wheel at the bottom of the Red Sea that totally proves the Exodus.  Right?!? It does, doesn’t it?!? Right??????  I don’t know about everybody else, but I’ve never been more convinced!


5 thoughts on “Proof that Bible is accurate

  1. Haha, sounds like a discovery by the infamous pseudo-archaeologist Ron Wyatt. He's also found Noah's ark, you know.The cartoon captures one of my greatest frustrations with my Christian friends. No matter how much evidence they see for evolution, they remain hyper-skeptical. But give them some unverifiable hearsay about a Bible-friendly discovery and they're all over it.


  2. There was a link that said, "Read More". I clicked on it and sure enough it was a discovery by the infamous Ron Wyatt. It went on about his "amazing discovery". Haven't they heard this guy was a huckster?But, in the end, that was what caught my attention. The irony in the cartoon is lost on the cartoonist himself, methinks. Whoever drew this really didn't think that one out too well. It cuts both ways.


  3. I don't know… I kind of think the cartoonist (or person who put that cartoon on their web site) may have actually seen things from the right perspective: embarrassed by how easily his/her fellow believers believed silly things. There's really no other way you can view that cartoon that I can see. 🙂


  4. After pondering for a while, I think I was wrong. I think this Christian may have come across the comic, did some research, came across Ron Wyatt's page, and then concluded that the atheist who made the comic didn't know what he was talking about. To him, clearly Mr. Wyatt's evidence was more than coral growing in the shape of a wheel. So I think this may have been an attempt to mock how an atheist mocks a Christian without doing research.Who knows? Just flip a coin I guess, and get some divine interpretation. 😉


  5. I did think this cartoon was reminiscent of Non Stamp Collector. And having gone back and looked again at the website, it appears the author of the website is using atheist cartoons to make Christian points, though not very good ones IMHO. http://www.turnbacktogod.com/proof-that-bible-is-accurate/


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