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playing in the rain

Monday, Monday


The weekends fly by way too fast.  I blinked my eyes Friday afternoon and missed something, I think, because Monday got here before I could blink again it seemed.  So since it’s Monday I thought I’d have a little fun.  Aletheia over at Sunshine & Starlight provided me with a little inspiration.

Courtesy of Jesus Needs New PR she posted a youtube video of a couple kids doing a Christian, sanitized version of the Black Eyed Peas song My Humps.  We won’t get into my thoughts on that because….well, we just won’t.  Anyway, that made some of us who watched start singing the original version.  And here it is:

Confession time!  I love this song.  I have it downloaded to my iPod  and I jog to it.  It’s got great cardio beat and it’s catchy.  Not a lyrical masterpiece by any stretch.  It’s one of my guilty pleasures.

Aletheia also posted this version by Alanis Morissette that I equally love, just a little too slow paced to jog to.  The video is great, though.


Here’s the fun part:  What’s your guilty pleasure?  Is it reruns of Friends? Sex and the City maybe? A song that’s NFBSK? Eating ice cream for dinner right out of the container?  Come on, play along!  Confession is good for the soul.


8 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Ok, I'll play. :)Over the weekend I found a parody of an old Boyz II Men song that was really well done. I've been laughing and watching it over and over again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTUX32NQf3M


  2. Bad Horror Movies. Also, I enjoy torturing my co-workers (and a few cow-orkers) with bizarre covers of older songs. "Ice, Ice Baby" performed as a Vegas lounge act. "Ghost Riders In The Sky" as performed by a German death-metal band. "I love Rock'n'Roll" done as a bluegrass tune. "Baby Got Back" redone as easy listening.I'm probably going to Hell for this.


  3. Lydia,I watched the video. It was hilarious! The advert at the beginning was pretty funny, too. MM,I can't do horror movies for reasons previously stated. These renditions of older songs, are they performed by you? Somehow I get the feeling there's never a dull moment. And yes, you probably are going to hell for that.ei,disco dancing, eh? 🙂


  4. P.S. I also like to eat banana split ice cream for dinner right out of the container, standing in front of the freezer with the door wide open. 🙂


  5. Sounds like menopause to me D'Ma. ROTFLOL!


  6. I thought it was awfully hot here all of a sudden. ROTFLMAO! Damn, and I thought I might actually get to have kids now.


  7. Eminem or Pink really loud in the car when the kids are at school. Also cookie dough. The most embarrassing would probably be that I read fan sites for the show True Blood. I've read the books twice and am anticipating the next one in May.I have a crush on Alexander Skarsgard and I don't normally get celebrity crushes. I've spoken of this on my blog. Thankfully the AH supports my embarrassing secret and allows me to plaster my laptop desktop with Skarsgard's image. He even moved the little icons around so I can see his face. Such a good hubby he is!


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