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A Personal Relationship


I tried to use a specific example from scripture to describe how I feel about all the various interpretations of scripture and how they are used to justify certain moral positions. It is confusing to say the least when those who claim to be led of the Spirit come to such wildly differing conclusions about the true meaning of scripture. So here is a more humorous approach that may be easier to follow.  This conveys it much better than I did.


7 thoughts on “A Personal Relationship

  1. DMA, I am working on an article right now that is not really about Jesus being who we want him to be, but it does briefly hint at it. The Catholic community here in El Paso is convinced that Jesus is pro-immigration, anti-Capitalism and pro-Gay marriage. Funny, that Jesus is the polar opposite of the Jesus I spoke to when I was an anti-Catholic Christian. Jesus does not dictate any moral or religious truth to us. Rather, Jesus is the authority we attach our religious and moral beliefs to in order to give those beliefs their credibility.


  2. The video illustrates the issue perfectly. Makes me think about how white supremacists and other hate groups use the Bible to justify their violent and hateful behavior. Like statistics I guess … both sides use the same ones to support their contrary positions.


  3. Loved it! :-)Not far into it I started humming, "Here we go 'round the mulberry bush …"


  4. great little video D'ma . Forunately christianity is much broader than this "personal relationship with jesus" doctrine.. which seems to be quite a modern decvelopment. the critiuq of the "my personal jesus" crowd is well aimed though. Occasionally i get asked how my "relatinship with jesus" is going. I normally reply that's it's kinda hard to have a relationship with someone who never responds in a way that any of my senses can detect… not obviously at least anyway. oh, btw, can you change your background? sometimes it's really hard to read the text on your page.


  5. HeIsSailing,I'm interested in that article. Is is quite confusing how each person's Jesus can be so radically different.========================================================Cognitive Dissenter,I'm really having issues believing that the Holy Spirit is doing his work. And if he is, some people are clearly right and some clearly wrong. But I'm not sure how to know the difference if they're all claiming to be led into a relationship with Christ by the same one. Color me confused.======================================================Zoe,Such a familiar tune, eh?======================================================Phil,These one-sided relationships are awfully exhausting…How's that? Any better?


  6. nice change, thanks, I can read it now without having to do a control+a 😉


  7. the nonstampcollector site is a brilliantly biting critique on christianity. i watched all their videos late into the night one time. In addition, http://whywontgodhealamputees.com. Powerful anti-Christian arguments.My sister is a pastor's wife and she recently confided to me that "I don't know what people mean when they say they have a personal relationship with jesus." Honest, at least.And now for something completely different… http://youtu.be/Rl6fyhZ0G5E


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