Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

A Moment of Clarity


Remember when you were a kid?  Remember when you had that 19″ television with UHF and VHF frequencies?  Remember when you were the remote?  Your favorite program was about to start.  You turned on the television and the picture was good. Yes!  You went back to the sofa, got all settled in, looked up and, GRRRRRRR, the picture was nothing but snow.

Everyone else has settled in by now.  You, the remote, have been sent back to the television to “tune it”.  The closer you get to the television the clearer the picture gets.  You turn the knobs, everybody else yelling, “there, there, just a bit more”.  You back away from the television only to find the farther away you get the fuzzier the picture.

Sent back for more tuning you begin fiddling with the rabbit ears.  When you touch the antenna it immediately becomes clearer, but not clear.  You twist them every which way, the picture becoming clearer and fuzzier, clearer and fuzzier.  You let go with your left hand.  Ah that’s a bit better.  Pick up your right foot.  Better still.  Now fold your left arm up behind your back.  Nah, that’s no good.  Stretch it out.  Now stretch your right leg in the opposite direction.  You’re not holding your mouth right.  Stick your tongue out.

Now, standing on your left foot, with your right leg stretched into the air and your left arm stretched in the opposite direction, your tongue sticking out, and standing so close to the television you’ll “go blind” the picture is finally clear.  There it is.  A moment of clarity.  By now your exhausted and don’t really even care what’s on the television.  It can’t be that good.  The rest of the family shouting, “stand right there, don’t move!”.  You lose your balance and it messes the whole picture up.  Now it’s all snowy again.  By this point nobody really cares anymore and they’ve all gone to find something else to do.

This is an awful lot like what seems to happen when I read scripture these days.  What once was crystal clear when I first tuned in became a snowy mess as soon as I backed away to get a panoramic view.  So with so many shouting from the sofa, “Turn it to the left. Hold one foot up.  Put your arm in this position. Stand on your head.  Don’t let go of the Bible.  Don’t hold the Bible so closely.  Hold the Bible closer.  Poke your tongue out.  Look at it through these special lenses.  No, those are the wrong ones, try these.”, I’m exhausted.  Makes me wonder if the programming is really that good.  Maybe I’d rather just go make mud pies and play army with the neighbor kids.   Except I can’t because it matters.


12 thoughts on “A Moment of Clarity

  1. Mud pies! Choose mud pies. *grin*Well now, I should be careful because "mud pies" are my personal bias. I love the mud. Love it, love it, love it. And I love mud puddles too! Not really into "army" but there's nothing like a good mud pie. You know, it is rather exhausting what you are doing. Been there, done that, so I understand. I'm far enough along that to me, it doesn't matter, not really, yet at the same time it still does because "it" is all around me. I love your analogy. Hold it right there, no, not there, here, well try this, no that, well blah blah blah. Mud pies I say. Mud pies. 🙂


  2. Zoe,I love mud pies, too. And do you know what's even more fun? When you can incorporate mud pies into army. They become the best bombs EVER!!! :-)))))


  3. Exrelayman saidAh, you ladies and your mud pies. Such decorum! One might think you 2 have read 'Warning' by Jenny Joseph (its on the web).


  4. Never heard of Jenny Joseph. I shall look into it Ex. Well, yes, I never thought about mud pies as ammo. Through in some water balloons and I'm game.


  5. Thanks for the tip, Ex. I just read it and love it! Yep, that is definitely me – minus the purple and red. Then again, who knows. I might just join the red hat society if I take a notion. I might start in the morning with Bloody Mary's and drink brandy in the afternoon. 😉


  6. "Throw in some water balloons and I'm game."Well, of course!


  7. Ha! I remember doing that with the TV and as I was researching and reading scripture. It's enough to make you want to give it all a swift kick over and over I might add. What a great analogy.


  8. What about man hunt at night with flashlights, and capture the flag…I'll be making mud pies with my granddaughter this summer, and floating stick boats.Kids provide the excuse to play..LOL


  9. Definitely! Those were the good ole days were they not? LOL!


  10. Okay, Zoe, I chose mud pies. I think God smote me though. I was infested with the ants from a thousand ant hills. LOL!


  11. Great analogy.Yes, just pick a verse, and don't look at the big picture, and you might be ok. Might find some comfort. Some truth. But then again, there are a lot of verses you'll have to stay away from all together!


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