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Katie Makkai – Pretty


I had a good cry the other day.  Bruce over at Fallen From Grace replied to a comment I made and we traded stories about missing our mothers.  My mother did such a good job raising me. She was special in so very many ways. I never thought I was pretty. I was a tomboy to the core. Had freckles all over my face where I’d played in the sun all summer long. I hated them because the other kids picked on me at school, calling me “freckle face”. When I said that she always, always retorted, “A girl without freckles is like a night without stars”. She always thought all of her children were beautiful, even when we had jiffy store feet and mud on our faces. She made me feel pretty creative, pretty amazing, pretty intelligent. It took me 30 some-odd years and some help from the Tour Guide to finally get that message. That I am all these things just the way I am.  I still get a face full of freckles when I spend the summer in the sun.  Now when I see them in the mirror I see the beauty in them no matter what others see.  I loved her and I miss her.  I hope when I have children I make them feel pretty spectacular. 


6 thoughts on “Katie Makkai – Pretty

  1. wow, that was an awesome video. I don't have daughters I have sons, but I hope to instill in them her definition of pretty. I've felt the very things she spoke of, though sadly I don't remember my mom telling me I was perfect the way I was. She wasn't mean, just never has been able to provide for me the kind of emotional support I needed. She still doesn't. She does the best she can.


  2. Your mom sounds like a wonderful person. Freckles are adorable.It's interesting — and telling — how this poem and her powerful presentation strikes such a resonant chord with so many of us. Truth is like that.


  3. I am so happy for you to have had a great mother. I'm sure when you have children, you'll do just fine. 🙂


  4. You know, I think you have a really good attitude about this. It's easy to become resentful of those things which we didn't get that we feel we needed. It's good that you can acknowledge that you believe your mom does the best she can. I think we all do. 🙂


  5. My mom was absolutely the best. While I lament the fact that she's no longer here and I wish she was I have to celebrate the fact that I never had to doubt her love for me.


  6. Thanks, TWF. I've been very fortunate and I know it. 🙂


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