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Disqus Anyone?


Just thought I’d let everyone know that while I like some features of the Disqus commenting system, there are others that have given me reason to rethink using it. 

1.  It requires that users “sign up” or log in just to leave a comment.  Not crazy about that.

2.  It compromises anonymity for some because it wants to consolidate all of your online identities.  Not loving that either as I, myself, have preferred to remain anonymous – at least in the short term.

3.  It’s been brought to my attention that it is difficult for readers to comment and some things just outta be simple IMHO.

These are the reasons I’ve reverted to the blogger commenting platform.  Thanks for reading along.  I enjoy your participation. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Disqus Anyone?

  1. I like Blogger better.


  2. I'm with Uzza, though I've never tried to implement Disqus myself. I understand why people would use it, I just don't prefer it.


  3. I'd commented on a couple of blogs that used it and it seemed pretty nice. Some people love it, some people hate it. Tried it and wasn't so crazy about it. For my purposes the cons outweighed the pros.


  4. I vute for Blogger, too.


  5. Exrelayman said:Your blog, your preference. I with my vanilla ice cream pity all you chocolate lovers 🙂


  6. Blogger's system takes less time to load. I've been pretty happy with it. I have mine set to moderate comments older than 7 days with no captcha and allowing anonymous comments, since i dont want to let one bad troll ruin it for the rest of us.


  7. This is welcome news for me. I love your blog and appreciate the simplicity of just dashing off a quick comment. Like this one!


  8. @Exrelayman,Throw in some strawberry and we can have some neapolitan. Ohh and some sprinkles would be nice. :)@LAC,Thank you for not letting the troll keep you from blogging. Where do these people come from? @DougB,Thank you for reading along. Comment anytime you like. I always like to hear different perspectives. 🙂


  9. I've had issues leaving comments with both. Whether I have trouble seems to vary from blog to blog though. I've never had any issues here so I say use whichever you like the best.


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