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‘Psychedelic’ Photo of a Stellar Nursery


I snagged this absolutely fabulous photo from yahoo! news.  It’s amazing that we can see, even with assistance, baby stars forming 5,000 lightyears away. 


7 thoughts on “‘Psychedelic’ Photo of a Stellar Nursery

  1. Great shot!! What is even more stunning is that this photo was taken from an Earth-bound observatory. This kind of seeing is usually only possible above the atmosphere.


  2. By far the coolest thing I've seen all week!


  3. Hard to believe that whoever or whatever is behind the creation of something like this is the god that is described in the ot, eh?


  4. 5,000 lightyears away! Kind of puts things into perspective doesn't it?


  5. I thought this was really cool! Especially seeing this from earth, like HIS said. It's almost unfathomable to me to be able to see something 5000 light years away. Perspective? Yes. Kind of like watching the Pale Blue Dot. Just reminds me what a teeny tiny part of this whole universe we are.


  6. The sheer magnitude of the universe and all the wonders it contains can leave one breathless. There's so much to explore!


  7. Yes, Ahab it does and there is. I'm enjoying exploring it, too!


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