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The Tour Guide…Part 2


*You can read Part 1 here.The Tour Guide and I decided that if we were going to give a relationship a go we should have some ground rules.  Rule number one: Always, always be honest and upfront about ourselves.  We both acknowledged how easy it would be to put on airs and pretend to be something we weren’t.  In the end that serves no purpose if a person’s desire is for a real relationship.  Eventually you’ll be found out if you aren’t what you claim to be.  Rule number two:  If, at any point, this wasn’t working for one of us we’d say so.  Both of us were giddy, but we also knew we had to keep a sense of realism.  After all there is a five hour time difference and thirty-five hundred miles between us.

We continued chatting on Yahoo!Messenger by type for a few weeks, asking each other all kinds of questions and talking about everything under the sun. Every day. For hours. During some point of those conversations The Tour Guide asked me for my telephone number.  I remember that first phone call.  It had been a while since he’d asked for my number and we were chatting away on Messenger when my phone rang.  I was so surprised when I said, “Hello” and he was on the other end saying, “Ello”.  We only spoke briefly but we giggled like teenagers.  I could hardly breathe I was so nervous.  That was the sexiest voice I’d ever heard on the other end of the line. I’m smiling now…he said I sounded like Penelope Pitstop. It was nice to finally have a voice to go with a picture of a face behind the personality.

I don’t think my southern accent is quite that pronounced, but I’m sure I sounded that way to him.

He rang me several times after that and I set my phone up so that I could make international calls, too.  We began calling each other for brief chats for a few minutes each day.  One of those brief chats turned into a six-hour phone call. And another for three-hours and another and another.  We were learning all kinds of things about each other, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company.

I think it’s safe to say we were both smitten. We weren’t just exploring anymore. It had gone beyond that to something more cozy.  We had to meet…

5 thoughts on “The Tour Guide…Part 2

  1. Have you started Part 3 yet? *giggle*


  2. Penelope Pitstop? That's hilarious. I haven't seen that since… I don't even know.


  3. Zoe, I'll have three up fairly soon. 🙂 I'm having fun writing this. It's reminding me of some really good things that have happened over the last year.Michael Mock,Isn't that a hoot? I had never seen it. When he said that's who I sounded like I had to youtube it to see. That's been a pretty funny joke between us ever since.


  4. Penelope Pitstop looks like something I would see on Boomerang Cartoon Channel.Now I'm patiently waiting for part 3 🙂


  5. TAW,Penelope Pitstop probably is something you'd see on Boomerang.


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