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Blogger Fail


So suddenly Blogger logged me out and I couldn’t log back in.  I went to the help forum to report the problem, which apparently loads of other bloggers are having as well.  Some of the others reported clearing their cookies and their cache, so I did the same and voila!  I’m back in again.  The only reason I’m posting this is to let others know if they’re having the same issues.

5 thoughts on “Blogger Fail

  1. No problems here. But thanks for the warning!


  2. This happens to me too, quite often. Also, blogger never retrieved my old post or the comments, and it was a letdown for me to have to remedy the problem myself! Hugs to you on your last few posts – I have read some of them and my heart goes out to you during those experiences, b/c I understand exactly how awful you felt. I have been toning down my blog reading and commenting, so that is why I have been absent for a while, but I just wanted to pop in to share that. Summer is a busy time for us, and I'm also feeling burnt out from all the faith seeking, and thereby am just not quite as passionate about spending time reading blogs about Christianity. I'm somewhat perturbed at the church that they have almost pushed me out, but such is life.


  3. I had that problem while in Google Chrome, but not in Explorer or Firefox.


  4. I had the same issue with mine…thought I got hacked until I could finally log on this morning.


  5. @HIS,At least maybe this way I know some things to try before I ever go to the help forum. Glad you weren't affected.=================================================@LAC,They didn't give my post from that day, nor the comments back either. Fortunately EI had the post in his reader and was kind enough to email it to me. Thanks for the hugs. The panic attacks have subsided and I'm feeling much more like myself these days. That is an awful feeling and it's hard to understand it unless you've had them. I knew you'd scaled back on your search and blog reading, so I appreciate you reading along. I don't the church is pushing me out or if I'm bowing out of the church these days. I don't feel comfortable there, but I don't think it's entirely their fault. I just don't believe the same things anymore. I understand what you're saying and I'm sorry you haven't found a church community you feel accepted in. It's difficult when that's where you've always found it and suddenly it's gone. ================================================@PF,I read on your blog you were having trouble. Unfortunately I couldn't comment on any other blogs either so I couldn't ask any of my iFriends for help. Ugh!================================================@TCI,Hmmm…I hadn't even considered a hacker. I could get into gmail, just not blogger.


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