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Couch to 5K Week 6 – I Ran So Far


Yeah, I run to this song sometimes.  Doesn’t seem like it, but it’s got quite a pace to it.  In honor of week six and just how far I’ve come since I started this:

I managed to get through week six pretty well.  Bought one of those sports bottles, you know the ones with the top on it kinda like a baby bottle.  Doesn’t help, still can’t drink while running without nearly choking myself to death.  Not good.  So just drink up before and after, that’s what I’m thinkin’.

Week Six Schedule:

Day One:                                Day 2                                Day 3

* 5 minute warm-up              * 5 minute warm-up           * 5 minute warm up
* 5 minute jog                       * 10 minute jog                  * 25 minute jog – no walking
* 3 minute walk                     * 3 minute walk
* 8 minute jog                        * 10 minute jog
* 3 minute walk
* 5 minute jog

Day one was pretty easy after the 20 minute run to end the week last week.  Day two I struggled a bit, but I did it.  My shins tightened up about 3 minutes into the first 10 minute segment but soon loosened up and I relaxed a bit.  By the end of the second 10 minutes I was pretty done for and glad I didn’t  have a second longer.  I took a two day break between day two and day three.  I got up Saturday morning determined to do it.  About half way in I got a side stitch that stayed with me til the end, but I finished it. All.twenty.five.minutes.  And felt I could have gone a bit further.  So I finished the week on a pretty strong note. 

I’ll be ready for that 5K in September.  I won’t be breaking any records with mah blazin’ speed, but I’ll be able to jog it without much trouble.


9 thoughts on “Couch to 5K Week 6 – I Ran So Far

  1. Remember how I said last week in a comment that I was going to get up early on a Tuesday and go jog?Yeah,well, I didn't do that. My dog died that day and I spent the rest of the week trying to talk myself into getting up early. I have a terrible habit of going to bed too late!Anyway, I'm planning to get up early tomorrow and start again. Ugh. I'm going to really try to get to bed earlier tonight and get up early tomorrow. Hopefully I'm more ambitious this week than last. Also, great job on the jogging for 25 stinkin minutes. Someday, maybe, I'll get there. 🙂


  2. I'm so impressed! I'm re-running week 3 again this week because I'm terrified of moving on to week 4 where I have to jog longer than I walk. Running for 5 minutes in a row seems like soooooo long. Eek!Congratulations to you! I love all of the folks I know who are doing C25K on the interwebs. It's nice to know that someone out there is running along with me, even if it's just virtually!


  3. Keep it up! Great Job!I asked my friend about in-run hydration. He had started training for a marathon at one time, but never got that far into training. He does, however, still run on a regular basis.Anyway, he said that he just learned how to do it over time. I asked him if he ever choked, but he said no. Maybe he has gills? I don't know. But the thought occurred to me that maybe you could train yourself for hydration in motion like C25K.Day 1: stand and drinkDay 2: walk and drinkDay 3: walk quick and drinkDay 4: jog and drinkMaybe? I'm sure it takes some practice.


  4. The Wise Fool,LOL! I love your hydration in motion plan. If it works for you, D'Ma, let me know and I'll try it! I still have to walk while drinking. I guess I'm at TWF's day 3. I am about to begin week 6 this week. However, I'm not exactly following the schedule. Last time I jogged for 16 minutes, took a 30 second water walking break, jogged 8 minutes, took a 1.5 minute water walking break, and jogged 4 minutes.


  5. Woo hoo! Great job! I'm cheering for you from the sidelines. 🙂


  6. I, too, am cheering from the sidelines. (To be perfectly honest, I feel guilty posting what I run. I have a friend who is training for a Marathon and every time he posts, "Put in a 23-mile today" I respond with a friendly "Jerk." Or maybe not-so-friendly…)


  7. @TAW,You'll get back to it in your own time. I have no doubt that if you follow the plan and don't suffer another injury you can run 25 minutes straight. If I can do it anybody can!==============================================@Alise,Don't be afraid. I'll admit when I got to the part where the running was longer than the walking I was pretty intimidated and had much trepidation about it. After the break from the previous week, though, it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.=============================================@TWF,Thanks for the suggestion. I can do Days 1 through 3 without any trouble. It's moving on to Day 4 that I have issues with. It's hard to drink water while I'm gasping for air. I think once I build up endurance where I'm not breathing so hard it'll be easier. If only I had gills. :)==============================================@DoOrDoNot,If I don't choke to death first I'll let you know when I get there. I've thought about trying your method as well, but I really want to be able to run the full time without stopping.==============================================@MM & Kay,Thanks for cheering me on!==============================================@DagoodS,That competitive spirit coming out, eh? It wouldn't bother me for you to post what you run. It encourages me to see what goals other people have set for themselves and how they achieved them. I do have a question about how much you run, not so much about distance, but how often. Do you run every day? Every other day? Three times a week?Oh, and did you and your son do that Warrior Dash while you were on vacation?


  8. D’Ma,At the moment, I run…inconsistently. A combination of running with others (friend and son), avoiding running on Sunday (soccer) and general life. I put in 3 runs (every other day) of 7 – 10 miles. I supplement it with 3 – 4 miles on the treadmill “as needed.” On the days I am open, (either in the morning or evening) I work on upper-body.I end up running every day, in some fashion, except Sunday. And on that day I play 2 or 3 games of soccer, so I still get running in. That is bad form (EVERY runner would say you need to take a day off) but there it is.As it turns out, we did not run the 5K on vacation. My father wanted to play golf, and I see him so little, it was better to do that. The Warrior Dash is July 30th, and I will be sure to post on it.


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