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I’m So Happy!


I’ve always been the kind of person who stays on an even keel, not prone to depression or elation.  Even tempered is what most people would call it. I’ve kind of always envied those who have a bubbly personality who always smile, you know the ones who are way too happy first thing in the morning.

I’m not a pessimist and I’m not really an optimist.  I’m a realist.  What’s this business of a glass half empty or glass half full?  Who cares?  Just be thankful you have it and drink it, it’s good for you!

So in that spirit and with my demented sense of humor(I’m not sure why, but this made me laugh my butt off) I bring you the following:

What’s your personality like? 

Happy Thursday everybody!

9 thoughts on “I’m So Happy!

  1. My personality is weirdly solitary. Yeah, I know: it doesn't look like it. I'm friendly, I talk to people, I help out, I'm frequently joking or making smart remarks on Facebook, I want other people to do well… I seem pretty outgoing, particularly online.But in person, I'm very slow to warm up to people; I don't make friends easily (or quickly); and I need a fair amount of alone-time in order to… I guess "recharge" is the best word. It's possible that I'm right out there on the ragged edge of the autism/Asperger's spectrum. Part of the reason that I'm so friendly online is that I'm much more comfortable dealing with people at a distance – and "through a computer screen" is a good, safe distance. On the Kiersey tests, I come out IN?J. (Depending on exactly how I score myself, I can come out either intensely thoughtful, or intensely emotional, and that particular scale doesn't account for people who are both.)On the Personality Types (first edition, from back in the day – I could find the link on Amazon if I really had to), I scored high in Idiosyncratic, Solitary, and Adventurous, pretty much in that order. They've since revised that book, though, and I have no idea how I'd map out in the new system.I haven't played with Enneagrams anywhere near enough to even guess how I'd look there.I've learned how to be social, how to interact with people, but it's entirely an acquired trait; and if I'm tired, worried, threatened, or otherwise stressed, I go back to being solitary: I get very quiet, I pull back, I withdraw.


  2. Also, I really loved that video.


  3. I stay on a fairly even keel. Some folks mistake my realism for pessimism, but I think they just don't really understand me. I have a great sense of humor and like to laugh. But I am much a loner and always look forward to my alone time. People wear on my nerves after too much exposure to them. On the other hand, the company of my animal friends never seems to be a chore.


  4. @MM,Our personalities sound very similar. I seem pretty outgoing online, and one-on-one or small groups are pretty good, but in a crowd I tend to shrink. I find the nearest wall to hang on. I also have to have significant alone time to recharge. This makes accounting a pretty good profession for me. But having gone out on my own I've discovered I'm not very good at marketing myself. I really have to psych myself up to meet new people.I have to admit I'd never heard of this Kiersey Test, so I googled it. I took an online version here. I came out INTJ, but could have easily been INFJ because I was emotionally torn as to how to answer some of the questions. :)==================================================@DougB,People tend to think I'm soooo serious. I usually am a woman on a mission. I tend to get tunnel vision if I have something on my mind or a goal I'm trying to accomplish. I'm very focused. I can walk right past people and not speak to them, not being rude, but because when I'm on a mission I don't even see them. I'm actually very friendly and warm, but I can be misread as cold and unfriendly. I enjoy spending time alone. It doesn't bother me in the least to be alone with my thoughts and my cat.


  5. I am a bit of a melancholy and am drawn to suffering. However, when I laugh I laugh with the fall-down, pee-my-pants kind of laughter. I'm a thinker but very empathetic. I'm 50-50 introverted/extroverted. I like small groups and one-on-one discussions, but I love being on stage.I find it easier to read books than have social interactions, something I enjoy but have to work at.@ Doug B, animals are so good at giving without demanding a lot of emotional energy.


  6. I've taken the Kiersey Test before, but it's been a long time ago. I retook it and I'm a INFJ. After reading everything that, that is supposed to entail it's pretty accurate for me. I agree with MM the computer screen makes me far braver than I really am.


  7. Crack me up.I am generally a very happy guy — it is a great curse!Hang in there with your running !


  8. @TAW,I agree with MM the computer screen makes me far braver than I really am.Definitely! I wish I could meet people IRL with the relative ease I do here.=====================================================@Sabio,Ohhhh, you're one of those???? heheThanks for the encouragement on the running!


  9. @prairienymph,I like small groups and one-on-one discussions, but I love being on stage.I am far more comfortable with public speaking than I am with meeting new people. Maybe it's the lack of intimacy? I don't let people into my world very easily, though there are some people that I've immediately connected with.


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