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What Was He Thinking?


This was in my facebook newsfeed so if anybody is interested in helping Ryan out there’s a link provided:

Brother Ryan Wood has a heart for providing clean water to developing
nations. He is in a contest to do this with Water.org but needs our

Vote for Ryan here –> http://twakeover.water.org​/t/RYRWood/

I’m all for helping provide clean water to developing nations, but did he really think this photo op through?  I mean really, a Christian guy wearing a shirt that is affectionately referred to as a wife beater?!? What was he thinking?

I really shouldn’t be so snarky about a guy who is trying to do good in the world……I don’t know why these thoughts run through my head.

7 thoughts on “What Was He Thinking?

  1. Okay, I try not to criticize people's fashion choices. I mean, it's not like I have a lot of room to throw stones, here. But the combination of "Behold Mah Jeeeeesus shirt" and "behold mah manly muscles (and armpit hair!)" is… well… maybe not the best way to go when you're trying to get people to donate to a clean water charity.


  2. I'm not a fashion critique by any means. To each his own, really. But the irony just struck me when I saw the picture. It screams:"Look at mah guns! If you don't vote for me Ima beat you up."


  3. To me it says:"I love Jesus and helping the world. And if that helps me with the ladies… bonus!"Aside from the billboard, it looks like an online dating photo. 😉


  4. He seems to be trying to appeal to the ladies for their love of Jesus, muscular arms and tattoos. You know the ladies like a bad guy who loves Jesus. Or so I'm told. For me the shirt undoes anything else that may have been attractive about him.


  5. I'm not usually so snarky. I try to keep a sense of class. For some reason all I can hear is Archie Bunker saying, "Alright Meat head".


  6. My first thought: he shaves his armpits. He must be gay.


  7. Ayee, Lorena, I hadn't even considered that approach. Clicking on the link takes you to all the comments. The general consensus seems to be a) a criticism because Jesus Christ isn't capitalized on the shirt so that means he disrespects him or b) woo hoo he's soooo hawt, I want me some of that!I don't know how many votes he got for his water project, but he certainly got votes for a Christian porn award.


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