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God and the War on Drugs


This article explains so much:


I’m sure no other towns have thought of this approach, or God loves Scott County, Tennessee the bestest.  Now I know why God has been so busy. He hasn’t had time for world hunger issues because he’s been way too busy busting meth dealers in Tennessee.

Could it be that these revival services have made citizens more vigilant?  Reporting crime whenever they see it instead of looking the other way?  What do you think attributes to the increase in meth lab busts in this Tennessee county?

3 thoughts on “God and the War on Drugs

  1. It could definitely be more vigilance. It could be the cops have more experience. It could be just luck. These kinds of miracles are the best, because they are very hard to disprove. (Their also very hard to prove.) :-)The prayer will taper off when it appears less effective, I'm sure.


  2. Interesting. On one hand, it's good that this is bringing people together and helping them focus on the drug problem. On the other hand, I doubt that intercessory prayer is the active ingredient here. Like you and Wise Fool said, I suspect that hard-working police and increased community vigilance, rather than prayer, is behind the increase in meth lab busts.The news report stated that the prayer gatherings focus on drugs and "other" sins. I'm very curious as to what other sins are being discussed.


  3. What is really sad is that people of this intellectual calibre outnumber us 5 to 1 when it comes time to vote. How discouraging!


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