Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain



I admit that I’ve felt all warm and fuzzy after reading certain Bible passages, but I’ve never had the Word do this.  It’s kinda creepy….

Hmmm….that just gave me an idea for a Halloween costume.


10 thoughts on “Creepy

  1. The Word never gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling, but plenty of other things have, such as friends, good food, being in the garden, and many more.


  2. "Bad touch! Bad touch! No means no!"


  3. Well…okay….I've thought about it more. If "Only the Word of God can Do This" means "creep you out and make you have bad dreams" then yes, the "Word of God" has done that to me.And having thought about it some more I don't think it was "The Word of God" that gave me the warm, fuzzies anyway. Other inspirational texts have done the same. It was more a state of mind that I was in at the time. Kind of like hearing a song on the radio that "speaks" to you or your situation.


  4. Oh my… where in the world did you find that thing?? You are right – that is truly unnerving. It makes me think that the Bible is a living, breathing, all-encompasing soul-swallower and life-sucker. An insidious parasite. Almost like the Neconomicon in The Evil Dead movie. Yeah, definitely creepy.


  5. Just another thought…. why did they pick a young, attractive woman for this picture? What if they would have picked a buff, handsome, young man? This stuff really creeped me out, even as a Christian – this kind of sentimentality in religion is just full of homo-erotic overtones – and I saw it everywhere when I was a Christian. I did not like it when I was a believer, either.


  6. @HIS,It was in my facebook newsfeed. A friend posted it. It was followed by comments like "I LOVE THIS!", "so true", and bout 12 "likes". My first response was, "That looks creepy". Even when I was steeped in religion this would have seemed creepy to me. The Christianese translation of "a living, breathing, all-encompasing soul-swallower and life-sucker.": a living, breathing, all-encompassing, soul-saving, life-giver. But that's only if you allow your version to take hold first.


  7. What I noticed first is just how buff the Word is . . . I mean seriously, look at those arms.


  8. Eeewww! ::shudder::But accurate.


  9. It is strange. I also have a huge problem with those "Jesus as my boyfriend," type worship songs.Rebecca.


  10. @HIS,As much as fundamentalist Christians try to separate themselves from that homo-centricity (is that a word?) they cannot. There's that whole "Bride of Christ" message. And if you did replace the young woman in this picture with a male figure there would certainly be a backlash within Christianity because it would look like it was advocating homosexuality. The tone of the picture seems intimate. I'm pretty sure that is intentional. Isn't "The Word" intended to be just as intimate and embracing toward men as it is women?@Zoe,"The Word" does have some guns there. I'm sure it's from millenia of carrying around the heavy weight of all those words. That can't be easy. @CD,Definitely!@Rebecca,I've had a couple of people tell me that Jesus is my husband now. That's just weird.


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