Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

Taking a Deep Breath….


…and letting it out.  Ruth can finally exhale.

Shell be packing up and moving to a smaller, less expensive place in a few days.  It’s bittersweet, really.  This was supposed to be her last home.  But with the divorce, then losing her job it was more than she could afford.  It was really too much for her to try to keep up, anyway…way to much maintenance and grass to cut.  She decided the Tuesday before Christmas to put the house on the market.  By the Tuesday after Christmas she had a contract on it.  She’s never been much for playing the lottery, but maybe she should buy a ticket.

So now Ruth is moving from Small Town, Bible Belt, USA to the neighboring Big Town, Bible Belt, USA.  While she dreads the move she knows it’s a good one for her.  The only reason she’s held on so long is because it was the one constant in her ever changing landscape, the one piece of familiarity.  We’ll see how she does with city life.  Country life has suited her well.

A lot has changed over the last two years for Ruth.  She’s gone from a nineteen year marriage, about as long in her fundamentalist Christian belief, the security of fifteen years with a company she thought she’d retire from to divorced and engaged, doubting everything she believed about Christianity, and, count ’em, not one but two new jobs plus a client or two for her own business and now a new dwelling.

Everything has changed.  I guess Ruth doesn’t do anything half-way. *grin* If Ruth maintains her sanity there is most assuredly more change to come.  She’s accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.  Deconstruction is hard work and the demolition isn’t over quite yet.  But for now Ruth is looking forward to her future.  Looking back over everything that’s happened over the last couple of years Ruth knows how lucky she is.  That’s right, lucky.

Ruth takes another deep breath and lets it out.  She’s been holding that in for far too long.

11 thoughts on “Taking a Deep Breath….

  1. Breathing is good isn’t it. Good to let it out and good to take it in. I found myself breathing with you . . . I got a little dizzy though. :mrgreen: I know, I know, I’m dizzy anyway. 😉

    This sounds so exciting. If you do maintain your “sanity” would you let me know how to do that?

    Country to the city. Big changes. Thinking of you and wishing you the best with the move. (((Hugs)))


    • Yes, it is. I’ve been under so much stress from the debt of this house and, to be honest, really didn’t realize how much of a load it was.

      If by some miracle I do maintain my sanity, I’ll be sure to let you know how I did it. 😉

      Thanks, Zoe. I could use all the hugs I can get right now.


  2. Cheers to new adventures! Though bound to be a little nerve racking at first, it should be fun learning all of the advantages city life has to offer. However long you stay there… 😉 Change can be a very good thing!


    • This has become my new mantra:

      Change is good, change is good, change is good….

      I’ve already discovered that it’s going to save me a buttload in gas. It’s also pretty centrally located to most any dining establishment, the cinema, and shopping. It’s within walking distance of all of that. So there are definitely advantages.


  3. Well look at you, D’Ma! Your cyber pals are so happy for you. Gaining employment so soon after losing it. Selling property so soon after listing it. You may have to write a book, entitled “Why Good Things Happen to Bad People” [ you being apostate] 🙂


    • Thanks, Exrelayman! I’m sure Satan is just lulling me into complacency, though my friend keeps telling me God is taking care of me. I have heard He takes care of fools and children so….. 😉


  4. Whoosh. Sounds like a very tiring sort of excitement! Glad it seems to be going well, though.


  5. I try to remind myself that change is good. I still look back over the last two years and am amazed at how far I’ve come. Yes, like you I believe I’m lucky to have experienced the things that I have over the last couple of years. Though defiantly hard at times, it’s been so eye opening.

    I wish you nothing but the best in your new home, in your new city.

    I think of you often. 🙂


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