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Lazy Good for Nothin’ Nurses!


Zombie Walk, You're Doing It Wrong

From the search log:

Why are lazy nurses so dishonest? First response:  LOL. Wuuuu????  Second response:  If, in fact, you have encountered a lazy nurse, he/she is probably so dishonest because they need to be to perpetuate said laziness. Third response:  Zombies have taken over their bodies.

I’m not quite sure how that question landed the searcher here, but there’s my attempt at answering your question.  Anybody else want to take a stab at it?


4 thoughts on “Lazy Good for Nothin’ Nurses!

  1. I like your explanation.

    Here’s one more:

    Maybe they’re being overworked?

    There might not be enough staff members to do all of the work that is supposed to be done. The “dishonest” part might come from people fudging the truth when reporting to their supervisors or the next shift to avoid being written up or doing unpaid overtime.

    Or maybe there are enough staff members but the scheduling is so lopsided or uneven that certain shifts laze around with nothing to do with others can’t even take their federally-mandated breaks.

    Not all staff problems originate with the workers themselves.


  2. Ah, the joys of search finds! Thanks for the laugh! I think you’ve got it pretty well covered.


  3. I have a response to that search also: Is there any limit to the depths ignorance can reach?

    BTW D’Ma – Keep yer day job – from the photo I think your prospects as a model are limited 🙂

    I trusted the nurse
    There was no nurse worse
    Now I’m in a hearse.


  4. I have counter-questions for the person who did the search (whoever you are):

    Does lazy = dishonesty? Are they synonyms?

    Or can lazy nurses be honest?

    I think they can be. Honest I mean.

    Perhaps they are just sick and tired of taking care of the sick and tired. Enthusiasm is hard to summon some times. Lack of enthusiasm might create laziness, but not necessarily dishonesty.

    I’m not being entirely serious here.

    Or am I?



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