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Real Office Conversations


Me:  “The Navy SEAL rescue of the hostages in Somalia was great news.  Puts another feather in Obama’s cap!”

Co-Worker:  “Yeah, it’s just too bad the military has to do all the work and he gets all the credit.”

Me: 😯

So what should the President do, exactly? Should he be the one on the ground in Somalia? Would that make my co-worker happy? Now, I’m not a Obama fan, nor am I an Obama detractor. But I think he could walk on water and some people would find the wrong in that. It would just be for show, I’m sure. 🙄

7 thoughts on “Real Office Conversations

  1. Hmmm. Do you think the co-worker would have said this if a Republican did the same?


  2. My reaction exactly, Ahab: wasn’t it Bush who got to fly in to an aircraft carrier and strut his stuff… erm, “get all the credit” for the work done by the military in the invasion of Iraq?

    Mission accomplished.


    • It’s funny that later the SOTU address came up. None of us watched it. Co-worker couldn’t stomach listening to Obama. Then later couldn’t stomach listening to the Republican response either. Co-worker says that Newt is the only viable candidate because anything is better than what we have and Newt is the only one who knows what he’s doing. He’s the only one with any business acumen. 🙄

      Me, I’m just tired of the ‘win at all costs’ mentality. I’m tired of the Republicans out to get the Dems and vice versa. Maybe, and here’s a novel idea, if we did exactly what the President proposes and both sides work together on a strategy to resolve the issues something might just get done. As it stands there’s more gridlock than there is at Spaghetti Junction at 5 p.m. in Atlanta. All of the candidates seem so rich and powerful that they are too far removed and can’t possibly conceive of the issues facing average Americans, like the choice between medication or food, or a place to lay their head at night and a badly needed trip to the doctor.

      Do I begrudge them having what they have? No, I don’t. I just don’t think they have the ability to put themselves in the shoes of someone who can’t make ends meet. They’ve never been there. And if they have they’ve forgotten where they came from.


  3. It’s funny polarizing Obama is to a lot of people. I think he’s made several mistakes, myself, but based on the present front runners in the Republican primary, I’d choose Obama in a heartbeat. They have really set the bar low for themselves.


    • I’m not really excited about any of the candidates. Having said that I think each President has made their fair share of mistakes. I have a more group mentality. Meaning: A President, any President, only has so much power. That’s why we have the system that we have. It’s meant to be a system of checks and balances. Instead it’s become a bloodbath of character assassination. Instead of checks and balances it’s become scratch and claw. BUT that also means that the President and the House and the Senate all have to take responsibility for our successes and our failures.


      • I really wish they would take more responsibility on both sides. To some extent, I actually blame Republicans for some of the issues in the Health Care bill because they defiantly stood against it instead of working to make the bill better. Now, instead they stand around playing pin the tail on the (symbolic) donkey, and blame only the chief donkey.

        Political posturing is a pariah.


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