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Starting Over…Again


So I’ve been super busy and when the time changed it messed up my whole running schedule.  I got sidetracked and then I decided to sell my house and then I moved and then..well…you get the idea.  Anyway that led to a major backslide and instead of running sporadically I wasn’t running. at. all.

Now I’m all settled in my new place and it’s right in the heart of the city.  Bright lights, nice side walks, plenty of opportunity.  I no longer have any good excuses for not running, like no good place to go, and it’s so dark and I don’t feel comfortable going by myself.  You see before it was dark when I got up and dark when I got home and being in a rural area left me a little ambivalent about running alone.  Okay a lot ambivalent.

I decided I’d get off my butt and get back out there.  Who knew it would take such a short time to get so out of shape?  Almost like I never ran at all.  Well that’s not exactly true.  I didn’t think I was gonna hack up a lung.  But I did feel I had to start all the way over at Week 1 Day 1 of the C25K program.  Walk 30 seconds…run 30 seconds.  For twenty minutes.  And while I didn’t think I was going to hack up a lung today I feel like someone took a baseball bat to my rib cage and my sides all the way down to my hip joints.  On the bright side my knees don’t hurt.

Why, oh why, did I stop in the first place?  Oh yeah. All those really good excuses.  And I don’t really even know why I made those excuses because I really do enjoy it once I’m out there.

11 thoughts on “Starting Over…Again

  1. On the plus side, those first couple of times (when you’re just re-starting) are usually the worst. It gets a lot easier after that.


    • I figured it would be my legs and knees bothering me. But it really did feel like someone had punched me all about the abdomen and rib cage. I think it has to do with the differing terrain. There are quite a few inclines that I wasn’t used to. Where I ran before was pretty much flat.


  2. Good to hear you’ve moved and are settling into a routine. I hope the move works out for you and I’m envious that your knees aren’t hurting. Everytime we go walking my right knee hurts so bad and I feel like I can barely walk. Thankfully, it seems to work itself out after a few minutes. Yesterday Biker Dude and I were laughing at ourselves and our aching knees. Talk about feeling old! 😯 Don’t worry about the excuses. 😉


    • Obviously I’m not too bothered by the excuses. I’m sure I’ll come up with plenty more. We’ve been having a pretty mild winter. The weather’s been in the 70’s for a few weeks now. Wouldn’t you know it? The week I decide to pick this back up a cold front moves in and by the weekend it’s supposed to be pretty chilly. 😉


  3. Is a C25 program working towards running 25 kilometer? Wow, that is a lofty goal – around 14 miles or so!! I usually stop running in the winter month too. The cooler air does not bother me, but the shortened daylight hours do. I have to get back on the trails and burn off some Holiday food too!! Always remember that starting is always the hardest part. It gets better once you get momentum going. Good Luck!!


    • Hahahahahahahah.

      I’m sorry. It’s just that the idea of me…me…running 25 kilometers is quite hysterical. No, the C25K is Couch to 5K. I’d like to work my way up to about a 10K, maybe even a half-marathon at some point.


  4. good for you for getting back into things! My knee still bothers me so I’ve decided not to try for long distances. 6 miles is my limit!


  5. Ouch, that hurt my brain. The curse of a multilingual mind.
    I did not recognize your running figure right away but thought it was a foreign word in another alphabet.

    So here is what my mind put together:
    The bottom part of the figure looked like a badly written Japanese hiragana for “Ra”, while the top part looked like the Sanskrit diacritic for “n”. So I put them together and got RAN. Then I looked at the article and understood the picture. But wow, what a coincidence. Or is Krishna speaking to me again?

    Best wishes getting back in the routine !! Fun post.


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