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playing in the rain

A Pair O’ Ducks


Cute, ain't they?

Doubting your faith is a curious thing.  The farther I go the curiouser it gets.  Here are just some of the conclusions I’ve come to:

Jesus is a historical figure.  He was a real man who walked the earth, got his feet dirty, lived and died just like everyone else.

The virgin birth and the resurrection are quite unlikely.  For all of apologetics’ “most likely” scenarios, these two are not it.  I suppose if there was a God who could speak the earth and all of it’s wonders and inhabitants into being, He could make those things happen. Which brings me to :

I don’t believe that a God spoke the earth and all of it’s wonders and inhabitants into being.  He didn’t paint the sunsets or draw the stars in the heavens.

God didn’t part the Red Sea or cause a global flood or send plagues on the Egyptians.

The Bible contains some historically accurate information, but is not historically accurate, nor is it inerrant, nor is it a sacred, holy text.  It provides some valuable moral insights, but no more so than any other religious text or even a Disney film for that matter.  The Golden Rule isn’t exactly a watershed moral movement.

Even having come to those conclusions, and though I am currently unchurched, I still feel sad when I think about the prospect of never going to church again.  Not only that I feel a bit melancholy when I think about not teaching the children I don’t yet have about the love of Jesus, or not taking them to Sunday School, or not having them attend Vacation Bible School.

Kind of a weird pair o’ ducks, eh?

6 thoughts on “A Pair O’ Ducks

  1. Teaching my children about Jesus and teaching other children about Jesus for me was such a joy and on the other hand agony. Having to do with heaven and hell of course. To this day I struggle with feeling that my teaching was abusive. I didn’t think of it that way then, but now? 😦


  2. Have you ever thought about checking out the Unitarian Universalist Chruch?


  3. The echos of our familiar past keep ringing through. That’s just a reminder that it was not all bad. Some of it was quite nice.


  4. I’ve got those same ducks swimming around in my yard too 🙂 I struggle with having my kids in church but wanting to go home each Sunday and debunk some of what they get taught each week. I still have no idea what the answer is. I can’t imagine not having them in church, but it’s also getting harder for me to go to church.


    • That’s how I would imagine it if I were to take my children to church. I’d want to get home and quiz them on what they’d learned and try to undo at least some of it. How do you teach them about the love of Jesus without addressing Hell? How do you teach them about justice and mercy without teaching them about judgement and wrath? The ducks are doing loop de loops in my pond 😕

      I’m thankful, even though I really want kids, that I have time to work all this out before I have them.


  5. Looks like those ducks subscribe to the ostrich school of apologetics! One can clearly see which part shows most prominently when this is done.


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