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playing in the rain

Happy Festivus!


315px-Festivus_PoleThe holiday for the ‘airing of grievances’, ‘feats of strength’, and ‘Festivus Miracles’.

My Grievance: I hate the way my telephone cord twists up around itself.  It is annoying.  Yes.  It is old school.

My Feat of Strength:  I can do a single push-up.  Regular style.  And that is a Festivus Miracle.

Join in:  “Air your grievances”, “feats of strength” and “Festivus Miracles”!

14 thoughts on “Happy Festivus!

  1. My Grievance: Managers who think that they are much better managers than they actually are.

    Feat of Strength: 75# overhead press without feeling like I would fall over or break something.

    Festivus Miracle: An upgrade to First Class seats on a flight just because the flight attendant didn’t want to separate my wife and I. 🙂

    Happy Holidays!


    • Yes, I work for those people. They pay me well, but wow, what a mismanaged mess. I guess until I start signing the front of the checks instead of just the back of the checks I’ll just keep my head down and do the work they assign.

      Congratulations on your weightlifting accomplishments!

      Ooh, First Class…so very nice of the flight attendant. Was it as nice as it seems?


  2. My Grievance: That I have too many of them . . . grievances that is.

    Feat of Strength: That my feet got me to the toilet in the night.

    Festivus Miracle: That after lifting my grandchild yesterday and ripping my back to shreds that I’m still alive today.

    Ho! Ho! Ho! . . . Ouch!

    :mrgreen: (((hugs)))


    • Heh…don’t we all have too many? Grievances, that is.

      Well, that’s definitely better than not getting to the toilet in time. That would be messy, and gross.

      Glad you’re still kicking, even if it isn’t very high!

      (((back at ya, Zoe)))


  3. My Grievance (of the day)…I don’t have a decent nail polish that will last more than a day.

    Feat of Strength- Being able to lift the heavy trays at my new job without (much) fear now.

    Miracle: Christmas money from my mom arriving just in time to finish the Christmas shopping!


    • That’s why I don’t polish my nails very often. I can’t stand chipped polish and it just doesn’t last long enough to make it worth my while.

      What kind of heavy trays? Are they full of drinks? I would be very afraid of that, myself.

      Whoohoo! Christmas money!


  4. My grievance: cell phones! People are on them constantly in nice restaurants and they text or have lingering conversations on cell phones causing them to drive like they’re drunk…stop, speed, swerve, speed, slow down, etc.

    My feat of strength: I’m good at doing Christmas! I give hard to find nostalgic gifts, decorate two full, unique and beautiful trees and I am the queen of Christmas cookies and Holiday music. I also hate arguing on any special day or holiday and go out of my way to have peace in my house. Mr. Grinch can eat my grits and my eggs and bacon too! 😉

    Chriskwanzuukah miracle: I’m proof that one can have a shitty childhood and still be an ever loving parent.


    • I hate the whole cell phone slavery now. And it fries my jowls to get behind somebody driving in the left hand lane, talking on their cell phone, driving slow right along side somebody in the right hand lane. One minute you think their speeding up to go around and get over, next thing you know they’re slowing down, but just a little bit, oblivious to the fact there is anyone else on the road.

      Can you adopt me?

      Good on you for breaking the crazy cycle!


      • I know, right?

        There’s a particular hibachi restaurant that my family loves and we decided to go there New Year’s Eve. It’s an hour away and I had reserved us a spot at a grill earlier that day. I kid you not, I had a mom and her two daughters on their phones next to me on my left. The one right next to me (the teenager) was going back and forth between reading a book on her Kindle and continually texting a friend on her smaller cell! At the next grill over there was a twenty-something guy with his wife or girlfriend who spent much of his time texting and on the other side of that grill there was a mom who came in with her little boy. He sat in a corner and she ate her food and talked on her cell at the same time for a good while!

        A costly, special dinner on a special night dominated by selfish people who have NO situational awareness! This is why my family normally saves nice occasions like this for Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, when everyone around here’s at Church. We like to enjoy each other, teach each other things and get the best quality service for our buck.


  5. My grievance and my feat of strength both involved the need to nurse a houseful of sick people through the weekend! The Festivus Miracle is probably how well my new nephew (recently adopted from China) is adapting to life in a new home, with new family, and a whole new language.


    • Ugh! I’ve been reading you’re updates. Not.good. I hope you’re all well now.

      Congratulations on the new nephew! That’s great! How old is he? Did he already know some English?


      • He’s six, which puts him a year younger than my older boy, but he’s actually an inch or so taller! He didn’t speak any English at all, but he’s picking it up quickly – and his parents are taking advantage of all sorts of tools to help them communicate. (Online translation, the ability to call some of his friends who were adopted before he was, and things like that.)


        • That is so awesome! Kids pick up on things way quicker than we adults do. I’m sure it’ll be no time and he’ll be chatting you guys up with all sorts of American English.


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