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Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Saved




Indeed, I once used this same excuse to bombard people with my arrogance.  In person, on facebook, in emails.  Poor persecuted Christian friend.  Whatcha gonna do?  Haters gonna hate. 

Has anyone ever been “saved” because of an internet meme?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  I kind of think this is just preaching to the choir, though. 


8 thoughts on “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Saved

  1. This has to be the most frustrating thing with theists: their need to get in peoples faces. I seriously couldn’t care less if a person believes in a giant talking house brick, i just don’t want that person trying to tell me that giant house brick wants to save me. Doubly-so, I don’t want that person trying to influence public policy based on what they think the giant talking house brick wants.

    Here’s something to tickle you (hope you don’t mind videos being posted):


    • Exactly! Though, I’m a little bit guilty of the “in your face” thing. That’s where my comment about it being preaching to the choir scenario came from. I didn’t get in the face of complete strangers. I didn’t evangelize per se. I was far too timid for that. But if you were already a Christian I thought you wanted to know my opinion about pretty much everything. I wanted to share my pearls of wisdom. Oh brother, what a dolt I was. And this is just the kind of thing I would have posted to my page, as if I were suffering some kind of imaginary persecution for being a believer.
      Now that I’m no longer a believer I see just exactly how ridiculous that thinking was.

      No, I don’t mind videos at all.


      • You “‘used” to do it, but you don’t anymore, and that’s what is important 🙂

        I do like John Safron knocking on Mormons doors. Maybe, just maybe it made some of them think.


    • Not too many Mormons where I grew up. But plenty of Jehovah’s Witnesses came a calling. I finally got to the point where I took my “No solicitors” sign that I had on my porch, crossed off the word “solicitors” and wrote “Jehovah’s Witnesses” with a big, black Sharpee. Do you think that stopped them? Uh uh. I think it made them more resolute in their zeal to convert me.

      So I moved.


      • Hahaha! Good call. We have no Mormons here (in Brazil) either, but the Evangelicals are out enforce every weekend. They come in buses! I kid you not 😦 They’re quite lucky my Portuguese is atrocious.


      • We get both here. We can always tell the Mormons because they only come once a year, in the summer, and they’re usually pairs of young men on bicycles. They get sent on their “mission” to south Georgia. You know, to save these crazy folks around here who just think they’re saved.

        Now the Jehovah’s Witnesses, we can always tell because they bring their Watch Tower magazine with them and the come knocking on holidays. You know, because that’s when they’ll have the biggest audience. People gathered together celebrating those things which are evil, like Thanksgiving and such. We had a couple come calling Thanksgiving day. My family was outside playing a game of “chip the ball onto the green from my back yard”, with libations in hand. They walked away shaking their heads when we told them we knew all about that Jesus fellow already.


  2. Amazing that “God” needs Facebook to reach the lost.


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