Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

Breaking News….



I ripped this off of Google Images. It’s from one of those cute Disney Ice Age films. For some reason Scrat is my favorite character.

I’ve survived the Snowpocalypse!  The next Ice Age is upon us!  This has been a storm of Biblical proportions!

I kid!  But seriously we are not really equipped for ice and snow in the south. We don’t have the infrastructure for it. Atlanta has been shut down and there is gridlock on I-285.   A baby was born on the side of the road there where conditions deteriorated more quickly than anticipated.  Or the powers that be (and a whole bunch more people) scoffed just the same as I did at the idea of the severity of the storm. Whichever. It happened and lots of people ended up stranded on the side of the road around Atlanta.  They didn’t decide to cancel school until it was already snowing. Staff and students ended up spending the night either on stranded school buses(as they made the brilliant decision to try to get the kids home after the storm was under way) or at the school(which was a smarter decision IMHO).

People have abandoned cars where they sit on the interstate and walked to the nearest open restaurant, store, or hotel to take refuge.  This kind of thing often brings out the best in people. Heartwarming stories are emerging of people carrying food and supplies out to stranded motorists on atv’s.  They’re opening their homes to complete strangers to give them a warm place to stay.   They’re delivering babies on the side of the road.

It also brings out the crazies.  The news keeps showing a young lady(a high schooler) after emerging from her encampment at the school.  She tells the reporter that she was warm, that the staff fed them dinner, breakfast, and then lunch again.  Her father is picking her up and he turns to the camera and says, “Somebody should have to pay for this.  For the lack of planning.  This was avoidable.  Somebody should have to pay!” Pay whom?  And for what? While it probably was, indeed, avoidable as he could have kept her home from school or picked her up earlier, she was cared for.  He knew where she was, that she was safe.

I live three hours due South.  From my house I can see the “Welcome to Florida” sign. 6767979825_bc3ca443bf_z It didn’t get nearly that bad here.  The local School Boards here made the decision on Tuesday that schools would be closed on Wednesday and then revisited the issue Wednesday and cancelled most schools for today.  We don’t have fleets of sand trucks sitting on ready to salt the roads. They know this so they did the sensible thing. So while I did think it was going a little overboard to buy the grocery stores out of water, batteries, milk, and eggs a little prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We had sleet. Then a snowflake fell.  Then more sleet. Then lots of rain. There was just enough snow to disappoint people that wanted to see some. We were under a hard freeze warning and kept the roads mostly clear due to a fear of black ice.  That did occur in a few low lying places but in most places the ground was still much too warm so now it’s just wet.  And cold.  The temperature didn’t climb above 35 degrees F here yesterday.  The forecast for today is supposed to be 54 F but it’s already 1:00p.m. and it’s still 35 F.  I don’t think it’s gonna make it.

Yesterday, as I was freezing my tuchas off, I thought about how much worse other people have it.  Brrr…it’s a lot colder in a lot of places.  Didn’t make my tuchas any warmer, though. So I was still cold.  And that started me thinking that maybe this is a storm of Biblical proportions.  Localized rain that comes in suddenly causing flash floods that people aren’t prepared for.  Snow storms for people in places, like here, where people aren’t prepared for them.  We don’t sport ski apparel even in the dead of winter around here.  It’s a bit ridiculous to see people in ski caps, scarves, puffy jackets, and Uggs in 50 degree F weather.  You just make yourself colder because you’re sweating.

On the bright side, the weatherman says I can break out my shorts and flip flops by Saturday.  We shall see.


8 thoughts on “Breaking News….

  1. I live in Pensacola. Nice to hear from a fellow north Floridian blogger. And glad to hear you made it through the storm safely.

    God bless


  2. Congratulations on weathering the storm, as they say. And thanks, by the way, for taking the time to answer my 20 questions this morning. I guess the close-to-freezing temperatures are keeping you home and bored enough to do that.


  3. Whaaaaat? You can see the sign from your place? Whaaaat? 😯 🙂 :

    Well we’re down here a little further, sitting in rain and temps dropped a good 30 degrees which gave me a massive headache but alas, as our northern family admonishes us on a regular basis, we are not to complain.

    BTW, while standing in line at Starbuck’s yesterday, a couple from Boston asked Biker Dude (I wasn’t in the line) if Starbuck’s had a two-for-one on. They heard they did. BD said no and he didn’t think Starbuck’s ever had two-for-one’s. 🙂 Then they asked him if he was from Minnesota . . . because of his accent. :mrgreen:


    • That was a bit of hyperbole on my part, but my house is only about 3 miles from the sign. 😉 I could walk to Florida and back with no problems.

      Heh! You just thought you were going to winter in FL this year. So much for that, right? I have friends that just bought a house on Okaloosa Island and they thought they’d be sittin’ fine in the sunshine while the rest of us froze our booties off. Not so. They’re a bit disappointed.

      Ohhh, you’re from Minnesooota, eh?

      When I speak to strangers they usually think I’m from Tennessee. I guess because I have a really southern drawl. I’m not sure how Tennessee is more southern than Georgia. Or why they automatically think Tennessee. Or how their accent is much different than someone from Georgia. Everything we say has at least three syllables. At least. 🙂


  4. Well I’ll be. How often do you walk it? 😉

    We’re far enough south that our January hasn’t been a total waste and we have three other years of great weather to recall and if you knew (I suspect you have an idea anyway) what they were getting at home where we live, well this is better, so no complaints. Now if I was looking forward to swimming every day I’d not be too happy at all. No pool here. And if I wanted a tan I’d really be ticked, but my sunning involves a sunblock that keeps me from having much of a tan at all. We know of people in northern Florida who will be really upset this year.

    We might just forget telling people we are Canadian and go for being from Minnesota. 😆

    Oh wow. Three syllables eh? I think in real-time you and I would have a difficult time communicating because we’d be laughing at one another as we tried to understand one another. I think I’m a one syllable person. :mrgreen:


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