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12 thoughts on “A Fool’s Game

  1. Don’t feel alone in this category, Ruth ! Happens to me more often than I care to admit. 🙂


  2. I’m working on this too. I’ve recently had the realization that a good part of these blog discussions are a sham. Not people genuinely interested in exchanging ideas, but trying to use this as a platform to gain some sort of shallow notoriety.
    So now before I engage I’m trying to gage intent.


  3. I love Twain. For my part, I lose respect for any arguer once they resort to insult and innuendo.


    • Especially when the insult and innuendo is couched in psuedo-intelligence.


      • Well that eliminates about 50% of all bloggers. Glad it doesn’t include us ! 🙂


      • Not sure if you visit http://jerichobrisance.com/ blog but he had a “re-converted” Christian young man who stated he still had 2 majors issues with Christianity but decided to give up his atheistic beliefs to go back anyway. What was disturbing to me was how he tried to rationalize one of the issues.

        anaivethinker says:
        April 2, 2014 at :
        “Matt, I suppose I would best fit as a number 2 even though I am a reconvert. I will tell you the final two problems I face (that I can think of at the moment). The first is the genocides. When I go back and read the text carefully, it’s clear God had a dual purpose in mind to both judge the Canaanite’s evil and to establish Israel as a nation. So, I am OK with this, the remaining problem is the killing of children. There is moral difficulty here, no doubt. Have you seen the Noah movie? Aronofsky classifies it as midrash, and he demonstrates wonderfully the morally messy nature of the universe. The truth is whether or not these children suffered and died at the hands of Israel, they would have suffered and died regardless as humans. Even Jesus Christ suffered and died.”

        “The truth is whether or not these children suffered and died at the hands of Israel, they would have suffered and died regardless as humans.”

        This disturbs the hell out of me ! So this made it OK for the Israelites to kill little children ? Because they would eventually die anyway ???


        • I do subscribe at Jericho Brisance. Matt has a great blog going over there.

          I also read those comments. I’ve encountered Brandon before. He’s a really nice guy who reconverted for reasons that are not entirely clear to me, though I suspect they’re largely emotional. We peppered him pretty hard with questions over at Violet’s blog over a few days and he was very gracious and kind. He’s not easily frustrated or rattled, that’s for sure.

          He seems to have carved out a Christianity he can live with that is certainly not traditional or even mainstream. For instance, he rejects the supernatural. At the same time he believes the resurrection and God. I’ve always thought of God as the very definition of supernatural.

          I read the comments you posted here and yours and Matt’s. That bit about the children is quite frightening. I don’t know if he’s actually thought about the horrendous nature in which these children suffered and died. And does that apply to common day abuses, such as pedophilia? Certainly disconcerting.


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