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TedTalk – The Space Between


Many of us who have de-converted from Christianity or any form of fundamentalist religion, I suspect, have a very hard time with self-compassion.  While we find it easy to offer up a shoulder and a soothing word to others we find it difficult to tell ourselves that it’s okay to be ourselves; that it’s okay that we’ve made mistakes; that it’s okay that we believed a lie.

The following is a TedTalk video tells us why it’s important to go easy on ourselves, probably more important than self-esteem.  I found the speaker’s facial expressions a little grating so I went on to other things and just listened and before long I was taken in by her message.  For my blog buddies who struggle to offer themselves compassion:

3 thoughts on “TedTalk – The Space Between

  1. It’s such a good message, but I’ll admit to only listening to it as well. The speaker’s facial expressions were a little distracting. 🙂


    • I got the impression maybe she’s new at public speaking? Maybe she’s uncomfortable with it? Her facial expressions seemed rather…forced.

      The message is definitely worth a listen, though.


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