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The Days of the Week in Music – Tuesday


Let’s kick this Tuesday off with some Skynyrd:

and the Stones!


7 thoughts on “The Days of the Week in Music – Tuesday

  1. One of the few songs of Skynard I never really got into.
    But we all have out fav’s right? 🙂

    Just Gimme Three Steps and I’ll trip over to the cd payer and it’s Sweet home Alabama all the way.
    I still have an original 45 of Freebird would you believe!
    Love the Stones track.


    • Not one of my Skynyrd favorites, either, but I’m posting music through the days of the week. So it’s related to the post itself.

      I wish I had all my parents old albums. My sister and I were talking about that the other day. Neither of us has any idea what happened to them. 😦


      • Yes, of course! Blind as a bat.
        I still have plenty of albums. But I hardly ever play them anymore, what with cds and what;s available on Youtube.
        Still they are nice as artworks and memorabilia.
        Have a few Zeppelin, mint Hendrix etc. and a few very rare ones including an Eric Clapton Bluesbreakers that I found in a shop in England for a pound.


        • While hi-def has done leaps and bounds for sound quality sometimes you just can’t beat the crackle of an old lp.


          • Er…..like listening to the radio in the fish and chip shop I frequented during schools days.
            On balance, digital any day. 🙂

            I am hearing things on cd’s I never heard on the same LP and this is after 20 years or so listening to the same album


          • Definitely. Sometimes it’s fun to trip down memory lane, though. Have many fond memories of Beach Boys Tiger in My Tank blasting over the speakers in their big cedar chest radio/turntable thingy. It was a big piece of furniture.


  2. This is my favorite Tuesday song:


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