Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

The Days of the Week in Music – Thursday


Sometimes you just want to have a mental health day.  Unfortunately at the moment I cannot. Maybe next Thursday…a girl can dream, right?


And how about some Pet Shop Boys?




4 thoughts on “The Days of the Week in Music – Thursday

  1. How did it get to be Thursday already? AHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!


    • I was wondering the same thing this morning! I went to sleep on Sunday and when I woke up it was Thursday.

      Bring on the straightjackets and padded rooms!


  2. I’m having a mental health day, myself. It’s rainy and overcast. I’m resisting the nap that’s calling to me. I love these kind of days off.

    Great song. I love Harry Nilsson, this being a childhood favorite (not a Thursday song, but Thursday brought it to mind):


    • Awesome! I think the only time I’ve heard that was on a commercial. I didn’t realize it was a full-length song. I thought it was just a jingle.


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