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playing in the rain

A Few Lucky Shots



A pair of Doves


The cutest Blue Jay


The resident Woodpecker


We have a pair of those fellows, too.

DSCF1012I’m not nearly the photog that some of you are but these are a few little offerings from our garden.  We have loads of birds.  We have Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, Blackbirds, Doves, Cardinals, Brown Thrashers, and many others.  Watching them is a fun pastime.

65 thoughts on “A Few Lucky Shots

  1. Beautiful pics. Do they sing to you? I love the sound of whistling birds.


    • There is constantly the chirping of birds around here!


      • Oh, yeah, I guess a bit too much of that could get old.


        • No, I don’t mind it all. I love to hear them singing their songs. My husband went around dutifully hanging feeders just so we could have a yard-full. The blackbirds land on the feeder and give it a good shake so all the seed falls out on the ground. Then all the other birds come and peck it up. They are so much fun to watch!


  2. cool 🙂


  3. I see no reason why you don’t consider this pics great.


  4. When I lived in the SF Bay Area, there was a tree right outside my bedroom window that FILLED with birds in the springtime. I loved hearing them except they usually woke me up way before I was ready. Obviously, they were on a different schedule. 😉


  5. Ha! Seems everyone is on a bird kick.
    We don’t get Blue Jays down here.
    The only time I have ever seen n in fact was on an episode of the Big Bang Theory.
    And the woodpecker! You lucky fish.
    I have only ever heard one once on our property, but never seen one.

    Have you tried enlarging them?
    They look in focus and shouldn’t suffer with making them bigger?


    • Okay…dumb reply. I just click on the photo…. 🙂


    • I love the Woodpecker on the tree. I tried to get a better close-up but by the time I zoomed in and got re-focused he was gone! But they hang out in our back garden, so I’ll have another go. They are gorgeous birds, but somewhat destructive. They haven’t destroyed any of our wood but every now and again I can hear them on our neighbor’s metal roof. Sounds like a machine gun going off!


      • Smile…I can imagine!

        But that is peanuts to put up with for the treat of having them in your garden.
        I am going to look into suspending a nectar feeder for the Sun Birds – maybe I will get better shots?


        • We don’t get Sun Birds here. We get Ruby Throated Hummers, though. I’ve been meaning to get a nectar feeder up to try to attract them but have been a little lazy about it. I think it might be a bit too late for this season, but I’m going to try it anyway.


  6. Great pics. The resident woodpecker is my favorite one of the lot. The bluejay being my second fav. Those rascals are so mean.


    • I really like the woodpecker shot, too! I looked out my kitchen window and there he was, perched up on that shed! I grabbed my camera and only got a couple of shots off before he was gone so I was quite pleased that one turned out so well.

      Those bluejays are mean! I’m surprised we have such a variety with those things around. The blackbirds, too. They’re quite territorial.


  7. Great shots! I’m so impressed you’ve got woodpeckers! And residents, no less. Hope you get one of your ruby throated hummingbirds, they look gorgeous (googled them).


  8. OK — I hope it’s cool with you that I share a video I made which is related to the post topic. These are images I got from Morguefile.com — free stock pictures. So my method of therapy is making videos. I made this about 3 years ago when I was first learning how to make videos. When I get upset or pissed, or if I’m stressed, I occupy my mind or decompress by looking for pleasing images and music to make videos.


  9. Stunning shots Ruth! You are so blessed to have these beauties there in your garden! We have too many cats here and the birdies hide mostly in the trees. Hope to see more of your lovely photo’s. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥


    • PS: Not our cats – we don’t have cats as Simba hates them. The next door cat, Doc and cats that roam here because there are so many birds. 🙂


    • I really am blessed. We have so much wildlife around us for this to be a neighborhood. The other day I was walking my dog and an armadillo crossed the street in front of us! Those things are everywhere around here.

      We have lots of cats around here too, but most of them seem to be pretty well fed. They’re not too concerned about hunting. My two cats lay out on the driveway and watch the birds peck away at the seed. One of them chased after a few, but when she didn’t catch any I guess she gave up. lol 😀

      (((Hugs))) to you too!


  10. The only decent bird photos I have ever manage have been my chickens and cockerels a) they are bigger and b) they can’t fly away.


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