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Platitudes Don’t Pay the Rent


Some Godly, well-meaning, friend will come a long when you’re struggling and tell you:


Until you get your teeth kicked in eleventy million times and some other godly friend says…

godsplan‘Tis a mystery fo sho!

That’s when you realize that platitudes don’t pay the rent.  Mama needs some new shoes.

22 thoughts on “Platitudes Don’t Pay the Rent

  1. It’s an immoral message, and the sooner we do away with this nonsense the better our species will be.


    • I never looked at it as immoral. It’s nonsensical for certain. The message is: work, work, work. If you succeed then God is so good. Look at all he did. Which is nada. You did all the work or had help from other tangible resources.

      If you bomb out, either you didn’t understand God correctly, or his ways are a mystery. It’s a win-win for the guy in the sky. Meanwhile in the real world…


      • Well, more the second message than the first; this idea of passive acceptance of things.

        How’s your new fury friend going?


        • Oh, she’s great! She’s warmed up nicely to TheBrit. He’s pretty fond of her now, too. Spoils her rotten. She’s still got a lot of puppy in her so she’s wearing us out trying to wear her out just doing her puppy thing. 🙂

          Thankfully she hasn’t chewed up too much stuff. Just old grubby shoes(TheBrit’s). She mostly does that when she’s bored, which we try not to let her be. I think we’re going to take her to the dog park this afternoon. She really misses interaction with other dogs. She’d play with the cats but they aren’t having any of that action.

          How is your newest addition?


          • The Monk? Great. Just picked him up from his weekly bath and spa. Tell me, how good are you doing when other people pay two Brazilian girls to bathe and massage you?


          • Hahaha! Too funny. I did pay the folks at Pet Smart to bathe Dottie about three weeks ago. She hates water. The nice lady there told me the trick to doing it myself, which I’ve since done.

            I took her back to Pet Smart the other day to have a wonder around and as she stared in the door she put both front paws out in protest and lay back with her hind end in the air with all her weight against me. I eventually had to bribe her in with treats. She settled in nicely when she realized we weren’t going to the grooming section.

            In an attempt to get her used to the water I’ve thrown her into the swimming pool a few times. She now avoids the gate to the pool with everything in her.


          • “In an attempt to get her used to the water I’ve thrown her into the swimming pool a few times.”

            That’s the spirit! 🙂


  2. I find the exchange between you and john more meaningful. But you know me and religion, having never been a believer I can’t summon up the enthusiasm like rest of you to decry it so effectively.

    Now fury friends are much more interesting. Although my short haired adolescent is the reason for my absence/silence.


  3. Have you noticed that god’s will and that of the believer seem to be always similar?


  4. Ruth, I recently joined Facebook so I could keep up with my wife during my frequent business travels. I am already getting hammered with this stuff from my extended family!! Rosemary is warning me not to challenge them, but I am still so tempted..!! Why do I have to sit still and be nice listening to nonsense!! How I wish somebody challenged me back in 1988 when I was on fire for Jesus..!!


    • How did you know these came from facebook? From the same person, no less. And within mere moments of each other. Cognitive something, for sure!


  5. It’s the same when they come and tell you : ‘I’ll pray for you.’ Makes me want to go out there and shoot them. All they are really saying is : ‘Oh, I am so glad I am not in your situation. I can’t help you because I have my own problems as well and they are more important than yours.’


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    • In my experience they work okay when you just need a little pick me up, but if you’ve got a real problem they can be pretty counterproductive.

      But thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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