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playing in the rain

JC…the King of Cool!


Well, he’s done it again! The king of everything is the king of rusty old air conditioning units, too.  So lest you think he isn’t real or that you don’t know what he looks like, here he is in all his glory:


Meanwhile in the rest of the world storms rage, wars are waged, children are abused, and people are misused. I wonder if you can eat that thing?

Too bad he doesn’t have time to manifest himself particularly useful.



42 thoughts on “JC…the King of Cool!

  1. Too busy appearing on rusty surfaces to take care of real world issues


  2. I occasionally see a gay Palestinian prophet’s face in the little landmines when I do dog poop patrol. I am amazed nobody else ever sees this as there are millions of dogs. Certainly more dog- do than air-conditioners and what a way to get the message across.
    ” Believe me on this…it is crap.”


  3. I need a tetanus shot.


  4. “He basically thinks he’s somehow special or something.”

    Why are we not surprised. The dog booty cracks me up every time.


  5. Thanks sharing. Interesting blog post. Please feel free to share your inspiration at Godinterest (Christian Social Media). God Bless Your Ministry.


  6. I see him! It’s King Xerxes! All hail his reborn majesty!


  7. After my brother died, my parents and a few family friends started seeing him in a painting in my dad’s office. They were a little let down that my wife and I didn’t see it.


    • The mind is a funny thing, isn’t it? It is evolved to see patterns and what is weighing heavy on us at times seems to be the pattern we see, whether it’s really there or not.


  8. Now of course I am going be peering at poor Snowy’s a***. Pippa’s is too furry.


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