Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

Heat Wave!


It’s hot! It’s damn hot!!

In the land where I’m from we’re currently experiencing a heat wave.  The mercury has hit 100ºF(38ºC) for the last few days and the heat index has been between 105ºF(40ºC) and 107ºF(42ºC).  The humidity is…wet.  And thick.  You could cut the air with a knife.

If this is any indication of what hell is like I think I better get right with gawd. :mrgreen:


18 thoughts on “Heat Wave!

  1. LOL — well I’m in the next state over and it reached 97 (36 c). I bow to humankind for inventing air conditioning. Gawd can take his hell and shove it. 😈


  2. Dontcha know? Tain’t no hell, seesta. So relaaaaaxxxxxx. And enjoy your A/C 😀


  3. Well Kathy could probably help you with the “getting right.” 😉


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  5. “In the land where I’m from we’re currently experiencing a heat wave.”

    I’m from Florida, so, yeah….heat wave. Haven’t you heard, though? The earth is the perfect distance from the sun! ‘Any closer and we’d burn up…….oh, wait, ummm…..never mind = P


  6. Sending you some of our cold. Also, I don’t think there’d be any humidity in hell. hahahahahah! Feel sorry for the Brit. I know how that feels. I can handle the heat. Not that humidity. It’s stifling and gives me terrible headaches. Hang in there. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥


    • The last few days have still been in the 90’s but the humidity dropped considerably. It’s amazing the difference that humidity makes! Ugh…it’s just hot, wet, air.

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      • I know the feeling. It’s like that here in December and January. Today it’s cold here again and I am also sitting babying a cold for the past 2 weeks now. Getting tired of it. Enough is enough. 😆


  7. Hi Ruth! I wondered if you got my ‘cooling off’ video? (sent it in an email ’cause you know – computer dunderhead. . . ) 🙂


  8. That’s not hot. 🙂 I was in Greece last week and it was 38C too. (38C inside me too-managed to get sick…with fever…) Probably it’s more humid where you are.
    Great music, great video-thanks!


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