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A Dog and an Armadillo Before Dawn


DSCF1370 - CopyEvery day, if I’m not already awake before dawn – which I usually am, I’m awakened by a cold snout against my neck.  I pretend to still be asleep and am then pawed at until I relent and get out of bed.

Dottie is on a schedule. She knows when it’s time to eat. Food promptly at 6:00 a.m.; then walkies.  Each day as we walk around the lake I watch the sun slowly rise overhead.  It’s usually quite peaceful.  We hear birds singing, watch squirrels gather their morning nuts, and meet walkers and joggers alike.

One morning, however, before the dawn had begun to crack there was a disturbance.  I wasn’t paying as much attention, I suppose, as I should have been.  Dottie was off – full speed ahead.  The lead tightened and I lunged forward unwillingly. Before I knew it I was on the ground.  I let go of the lead but it was too late.  I’d already lost my balance. Down I went.  Dottie was in the shrubs, tangled by her lead.  Lying in the street, the next thing I saw was an armadillo scurry past my head.

I hopped to my feet, looking around to see if anyone else was about. Whew!  Nobody saw that!  Thankfully, there were no cars coming, else I would have been roadkill.  There were no other walkers or joggers about yet.

The damage was done.  It’s a good thing I don’t have brittle bones.  This is what happens when Dottie sees the armadillo and I don’t:

0620140702That’s the day an armadillo cut our sunrise walk short. No leisurely walk around the lake for Dottie that day.  We trudged back home mere minutes after our walk had begun – in the dark.

And now there are two!  😀   What was I thinking?!?


Do I look like I would do a thing like that?

25 thoughts on “A Dog and an Armadillo Before Dawn

  1. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself too bad.
    Just googled armadillo, looks scary to me


  2. I can so relate to this. I’ve hit the ground hard twice while walking my dog. Both times were at night and I don’t know if it was a rabbit, a squirrel, a skunk or what that she saw, sensed, or smelled. I am pretty sure, though, it wasn’t an armadillo.

    Once I landed on my side and bruised some ribs, which was a very inconvenient injury; it took about a month before I could sneeze without extreme discomfort. The other time I landed on my face on the sidewalk. My face looked like I had just come out of a 10-rounder with Rocky Balboa.


    • Ouch on the bruised ribs! I’ve never had that but I hear it’s very painful.

      My face looked like I had just come out of a 10-rounder with Rocky Balboa.

      Yeah, but what did it do to the sidewalk? 😉


      • On bruised or cracked ribs (I’ve had them both): yes, it is very painful and it takes a long time to heal. And no one knows that you have bruised or cracked ribs, so people will pat you on the back, hug you, or playfully punch you in the ribs (mostly other guys do that) and then wonder why tears are streaming down your cheeks.

        The sidewalk survived.


  3. We’ve lost all our couches, too 🙂

    I know what you mean, though. Our King Shepard rips my arm from the shoulder when he decides to go. 40 kilos from 0 to 100 in half a second. WHAM!


  4. I’m sorry about your skinned knee! I hope it wasn’t too painful.


  5. Ruth, I hope you got a boo-boo strip on that knee – ouch!

    Love the picture – it’s what I imagine a bayou looks like. .. the water looks so still.


    • I put a band-aid(a plaster, or whatever you call it) and some Neosporin on it. It was fine.

      Thanks about the picture. It’s not exactly of the sunrise. It’s kinda hard to take a picture while wrangling two dogs. 😉 That’s what was left of the sunrise after I got them home and hoofed it back down the street.


  6. Hi Ruth! Stopped by to lurk silently! Or not so silently I guess! Lol! Your pups are adorable!


  7. What were you thinking? 😉 I hope you are healing quickly.


  8. You have adorable dogs. I’m waiting for my dog to pull me over. My neighbors have commented more than once about me going for my nightly drag about the neighborhood. As an aside, the American Atheists will be holding their annual convention in Memphis TN on Easter weekend next April. If we’re in town, I’d love to go and I’d love to see you and any other blogger friends there too!


    • I just saw this. Zoe waves to DoOrDoNot. 🙂


    • I just saw this, too! Ruth waves to Zoe and DoOrDoNot! 😀

      Yep, my dogs pretty much drag me around the neighborhood here. It’s pretty much the neighborhood joke that they’ve taken me out for my daily walk.

      I’d love to come to Memphis! We’ll wait until a little closer to time and see what we can come up with.


  9. You kids are killing me. You do know you can wrap the lead around your waist and the dog is no longer capable of dragging you to the ground, don’t you?


  10. Hmmm. Increasingly I’m amazed by how many people do get pulled over by their dogs, usually for the chase syndrome. Pippa was the first of ours to pull me over, pretty similar size to John Zs shepherd and similar breed ie cross husky GSD. A few grazed knees and then a very bad sprain from shoulder to fingertips had my right arm out of use for four or more months. Interestingly Snowy didn’t pull me overl but knocked into me and I fell down. I think my ankle was actually broken by the force of his impact, rather than the actual fall causing the damage. C’est la vie huh? More danger off the lad than on it. Not sure wrapping a lead around my waist wd work with 40 kilos of Pippa, qv HLs comment.


    • It’s funny how many thoughts can run through your head in a very short amount of time. I couldn’t have been lying in the street for more than 30 seconds – maybe a minute – but your incident ran through my head. As I said, could have been much worse than it was.

      Definitely more danger off-lead than on in my neighborhood. If I lived in the countryside with lots of open land I might let them off, but here there’s too many cars, too many distractions. And I cannot imagine tying Dottie’s lead around my waist. She might not pull me down, just give me whiplash, or rupture a disc is all. 😉


  11. Bloody hell. You described your morning walks so beautifully that I could see them in my mind’s eye. Then the shock picture. Talk about contrast. LOL

    So glad you weren’t seriously injured.


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