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Along Came a Spider


I’m…well, I don’t like spiders.  I just don’t.  No spider has ever done anything to harm me.  But that doesn’t keep me from being afraid of them.  In fact, most spiders are harmless, mostly beneficial, and totally cool to watch – from a distance.  They’re amazing creatures.

That being said, while a spider may not hurt me they will surely make me hurt myself!  When The Brit and I were looking at this house he found a big, furry, brown one and picked it up.  He looked at it a while and when we were ready to leave I told him to get rid of the thing.  He thought he did.

When we got in the car he felt something on his leg and brushed it away.  The big, furry, brown spider.  He said he thought it went into my purse pocketbook handbag. I thought he was pulling my leg.

A few days later I was driving along, The Brit in the passenger’s seat, just gabbing away about something.  He said, very sweetly, “Pay attention to where you’re going. Keep your eyes on the road.”  I kept looking forward and he lovingly rubbed my shoulder.  He slowly pulled his hand back, opened the window, and put his hand out.  Then he says, “Remember that spider I brushed off in here.  I just took him off your shoulder and put him out the window.”

It’s a good thing he saw the spider and I did not.  I would have wrecked and killed us both!  Then it occurred to me that I had been driving around with that thing in the car with me.  For days.  *shudder*

So we’ve now purchased the house.  We’ve been living here for a little over a year.  The other day we were walking around outside talking over a few plans for the garden, mostly daydreaming, when The Brit pointed to the sliding glass door we never use and said, “What the hell?”

This is what the hell:

DSCF1400DSCF1394What the hell, indeed!  This thing is huge!  And it’s also deposited these:

DSCF1398Anybody want to buy a house?  I think I’m ready to move.  Seriously, can anyone identify it?  Did anyone lose a pet?

50 thoughts on “Along Came a Spider

  1. Oh heavens. I’m a huge arachnophobe. I have a strange fascination with spiders at the same time, but from a very long distance.
    That car story is my nightmare!


  2. http://www.texasento.net/Argiope.htm

    I love these spiders. They are harmless and make the coolest webs. I have pictures I took of one that was on my deck for two summers in a row. That’s a female. They are much larger than males.


    • Love?!? Love?!!!? That’s a strong word.

      I did just find it here:


      It says it’s seemingly harmless to humans. Yeah, right. What about humans harming themselves upon the sight of this thing?

      Actually, I’m not quite as afraid of them as I used to be. This on is still alive. It’s beautiful and has made quite an intricate web.

      They also bounce.


  3. I was leaning over a railway bridge at night in outer Sydney (we were going camping). It’s ok he said. A huge spider just ran under your hand but it’s gone now.

    I’m surprised I slept that night.


  4. Here are two pics of the female that made its home on my deck a few summers back.

    In the second image, I sprayed water on her web. When it was scorching hot, I would mist her, and she seemed to like it. Didn’t try to hide. They will hide if they feel threatened.

    Yeah, perhaps “love” is a strong word. I think they are beautiful, and again, they just want to be left alone, but most people will kill them because they look threatening.

    I have been planning on doing a post using them as an analogy regarding believers views of unbelievers. Assuming we are threatening and harmful. “Smash em”.


  5. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of these colorful spiders on this post. I would not enjoy encountering such a creature in the real world, though. I’m not a fan of spiders, although when I do find them in my abode, I try to catch them, rather than crush them, and then put them outside into what should be their natural habitat (rather than inside my residence).


    • I used to smash em, but The Brit has made me more conscious of their benefits and, well…he just can’t bring himself to kill something that he doesn’t think will hurt him. So I’ve learned to catch them in a cup and take them outside. I still don’t really like to be up close and personal with them. 😀


  6. They’re scary


  7. Beautiful creatures. However, I understand your reaction; my wife would probably insist on renting a hotel room until I had appropriately disposed of it. Which would entail driving its mutilated remains five miles into the countryside, swinging it around my head five or six times, and then taking a circuitous route home…just in case.


    • Well, I’m not quite that bad. I’ll just keep a safe distance.

      I used to be that terrified of them, though. Until I learned a bit about them. My rational mind says their harmless, but fear is seldom rational.


  8. Oooh – your spider is so pretty! I usually just get big drab barn spiders on my deck. I actually really like spiders, especially the fuzzy jumping spiders with their big eyes. And tiny peacock spiders doing their mating dance? Squee!

    What creeps me out is when I’m walking along and run face-first into a spider web. Eurrgh.


    • She is a stunner. I wish it hadn’t been so grey outside when I was trying to take the photo.

      It’ creeping me out just thinking about spider webs across my arms and face.


  9. Spiders don’t scare me much, any crawling insect does.
    And those look quite pretty, they will not harm you. You could make friends with them 😀


  10. It’s a Saint Andrews Cross. We have them in Australia, too… and i’ve walked through far too many of their webs.


  11. Ruth, it is the fear of the unknown that causes us to pee ourselves at the sight of these creatures.
    Rain spiders come inside the house and they are big – some as my hand – and before i learned about them I was poop scared as well.
    Now …. I regard them as resident mosquito killers.

    I am very wary of widows, which we encounter from time to time.
    But I generally abide by a live and let live policy.


  12. Fascinating that so many people can comment on SPIDERS! 🙂


  13. Eck… Those spiders are huge… But just a digression, maybe in order to abate the fear… Spiders might be also a high protein dish!…Fried spider is a regional delicacy in Cambodia. Bottom line: They can’t be that bad if they taste well!. Cheers & best wishes Aquileana 😀


  14. Those things sure can be stubborn buggers. Especially that itsy bitsy one that keeps going up the waterspout.


  15. It has been found that cross-culturally most people have a natural fear of spiders and snakes from early in their life. Evolutionary Psychology that this fear is actually at the genetic level having evolved in Africa where there are the largest percentage of poisonous snakes and spiders. I don’t know if that’s true, but it is interesting.

    I had a similar fear to wasps and hornets. I guess I still do, but it used to be really bad. Like you, if one was in the car, I’d probably wreck the car. My wife said, that’s not a fear, that’s a phobia. You can’t get into an accident just because you might get stung by a wasp. That’s not healthy, and I love you and want you to be around. When she said that I knew that I better learn how to at least get to the point where I can calmly pull over somewhere and then scream as I flee the vehicle. 🙂 I am definitely at that point now, I’m happy to say. Mostly it has to do with how calm my wife is around them, and didn’t want to look like too big of a wuss. lol


    • Interesting…

      We’ll go with that. It’s in my genes for spiders to scare the bajeesus out of me!

      The Brit also has a bit of a phobia about wasps and stinging things. It stems from a childhood incident, I think. He’s terrified of them! Snakes? Spiders? Not a problem! He seems especially inquisitive about snakes. This photo was captured in our back garden:



      • Haha…very cool photo!

        I mean I think it’s healthy to be scared of species that could potentially kill you, are small, and can hurt you relatively unseen even. Even in Africa most spiders and snakes are not deadly, but when you live in the wild you don’t take chances, and so I think it does make sense that there is a mammalian part of our brain that still thinks it’s in the wild and has to make sure it doesn’t get bitten! 🙂


  16. Your experience with the spider gave me the chills and brought back a bad memory. When we first moved into our house in South Carolina i was out spraying weeds and came across two spiders much like yours in a bush. I decided I could sacrifice a shrub and drowned them in weed killer. Living in the South you may decide pesticides are your friends. They have certainly made my life better.


  17. Looks like you’re going to have lots of baby spiders before long. 😯 Best warn your visitors.


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