Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

31 thoughts on “Evil Woman

  1. TELL me that men don’t like naughty women, Ruth. … πŸ˜‰


  2. I have the greatest hits album. This is a smashing song.
    I used to have the Out of the blue album as well. The track The Whale is my favorite ELO song of all time.

    Was there a tiny bit of tongue in cheek in this choice, Ruth? πŸ˜‰


  3. I love Fridays! Kick back and enjoy some (evil) fun! πŸ™‚

    I always wondered what the lyrics were to the chorus of this song – I had always heard “eeeo woman”. Now I know.


  4. I love ELO. Great choice Ruth. πŸ˜€
    Have a lovely weekend hon. β™₯


  5. I read it over. GAG -worthy, for sure! Oh, my. She’s a pearl-clutcher, I can tell.

    I’m around young people who show off their figures every single day – I think, “Do it while you can, girls! – good ON ya!”

    The reply I’d love to write to her would probably not make it past moderation. 😦


    • I lived almost my entire life with the mindset that she has. It’s taken me a while to get to the place where I understand that we are only culpable for our own actions. I always dressed modestly like a grandma. Even when I was young and attractive. It’s only been recently that I became comfortable enough in my own skin to show any of it.


      • Ugh, Ruth – so sad. What gets me is that this kind of thinking is so insulting and demeaning to women AND men. . . just mind-boggling. I hope you strut your stuff now! You SHOULD!!!

        I shall climb back aboard my broom now. . . cackle, cackle. .


        • Of course when a woman dresses to attract attention she’s going to attract attention. What’s wrong with that? Can men really not control themselves?!?


          • Yes, most of them can … but I also think most of them would rather not have to..


          • I really don’t care if a woman is stark naked. Unless she says yes the answer is no. Being aroused is not permission to take what you want.


          • Oh, I totally agree! But nature is what nature is and unfortunately, some men think their “needs” are more important than a woman’s rights and/or feelings. I’m NOT defending men in any way. Just being realistic since we hear about this kind of stuff all the time. In fact, I just read in today’s paper about a guy in his 30’s broke into an 82-year-old woman’s home and tried to rape her! Talk about sick.


          • Yes, well, that is the part of this that many people seem to be missing. Rape is not about attraction or sex. It’s about power. This is why I don’t buy the bs that the way a woman dresses has anything to do with rape.


  6. At last. Someone who posts something other than Jimi Hendrix. Love ELO. Although I see the most tasteless stone god in the world also likes it. Hmmm. Maybe I should reassess.


  7. Ruth: ….I really don’t care if a woman is stark naked. Unless she says yes the answer is no. Being aroused is not permission to take what you want….
    I cannot but agree, and it reminds me of the definition of sensuous I read somewhere: “A girl with her clothes on who looks at you like a girl with her clothes off”.


    • Exactly! No matter if a woman is dressed modestly in a turtle neck with a skirt that goes to her ankles it is possible for her to be sensuous.

      The fact remains that rapists rape to exert power and control, not because a woman is particularly scantily clad. Not only that, but men find different features to be sexy. What if a woman is dressed fairly modestly but likes wearing sandals and flip-flops? Perhaps a man’s “thing” is toes or feet. And for the woman who has all her skin covered, wrists or ears or noses might be arousing to a man.

      What should we do? Hide? Or like in the Muslim tradition, wear a burqa? Not just wear a burqa but also have a male family member escort everywhere we go?


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