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Photo Challenge: Shades of a Trip to England


I don’t usually participate in the weekly photo challenge but I had some interesting shadowy photos to share:


Clock Tower – Bath Abbey, Bath England


English Countryside – Middle of Nowhere


Wells Cathedral, Wells England







17 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Shades of a Trip to England

  1. Love your English photos. It’s really interesting to see what captures your eye.


  2. I’ve walked those cloisters at Wells a thousand times. And I had the greatest musical experience of my life in Bath Abbey – a complete performance of the St. Matthew Passion.


    • Wells Cathedral is breathtaking. We took the guided tour of Bath Abbey and when we were done we went into the cathedral and listened to some children sing. I can imagine a production like the St. Matthew Passion being quite an experience.

      I assume you’re a musician? I think I must have missed that on your blog somewhere.


  3. The grass IS greener on the other side!


    • Here the sun just burns everything up. Even if you water you have to be careful not to boil whatever you’re watering. The climate is so much different there that not only is the grass greener, the reds are redder, the purples are purpler, the whites are whiter. Everything is so lush and vibrant!

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  4. Love the Middle of Nowhere. πŸ™‚ Very interesting perspectives. I really enjoy seeing through a photographers eyes.


  5. I heard Middleofnowhere is a wonderful place. The hen certainly looks fat and happy.


  6. I like the first photo
    Great captures


    • The young man in the picture was our tour guide. The inner workings of the clock tower were quite interesting. When we went into that area the young man gave quite a long spiel about what it takes to keep it in working order. After about, I don’t know, fifteen minutes and near the end he looks over and says, leaning on that rod will make the timing out of sync. Who was leaning on the rod? I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.


  7. clock shot is Very Kewl 😎


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