Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

Friday Funday!


I heard this song on the radio a little while ago and now it’s stuck in my head! Ahhhhh!

Everybody who reads here knows I’m a 70’s music kinda woman. But what can I say?  My music tastes are ….um…eclectic.

I found this parody of it that’s pretty cute, too!

Have a great Friday, everybody!  And, as always, feel free to share whatever tune is stuck in your noggin.

4 thoughts on “Friday Funday!

  1. Great parody on a really catchy (but incredibly stupid — in my opinion) song.


    • I can’t decide if I like the song or not. On the one hand it’s sort of an empowering song about embracing yourself the way you are. On the other hand it still kind of objectifies women because it sounds like their worth is still wrapped up in whether or not a man will find them attractive or not. Still, it is a catchy tune and when I hear it it gets stuck in my head. Because I’m all about that bass.

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  2. I know this is a girl song, but I love the energy and the prominence of the bass instrument. Uplifting energy song. Wonderful addition to my rebounding music. This makes 3 songs added to my collection that I would never have heard if not for you. Thanx!


    • Hmm…I guess it is a girl song, but you could definitely apply it to any gender. It’s about self acceptance. I’m glad you found it worthy of your collection!


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