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  1. Your country has one hell of an issue with abortion. Actually, your country has an issue with women’s rights … Uppity women, wanting to be in charge and rule the country and all that.

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    • Yes ma’am. The sad thing is this is Carly Fiorina who is a woman running in the Republican Primary attempting to become the Republican nominee for President in the general election. I just saw her speaking live at an event in North Carolina where she is not backing down from her comments even though they have been repeatedly debunked. The Republican base that she is pandering to stands ready to believe any lie and propagate it to further their cause. I had another article I planned to write before I got to this one. I accidentally hit the “publish” button instead of the “save draft” button. Bear in mind morons like me get to vote. lol


  2. Thank you for posting this article, but I think it will do little to change the minds of those that are already emotionally enraged and not really willing to do any research on the subject even once they calmed down.

    It’s amazing to me that there are people who think that something human have been doing since we descended from the trees could simply be eliminated from society through making abortion illegal. Fetuses will still die, women will suffer more than before, and nothing will be solved. As the article I wrote last month said, the best answer to reduce abortions is universe health care, free birth control, better sex education and longer paid maternity leave for mothers. Otherwise all these anti-abortionists cause are more pain and suffering.

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    • Well this is kind of embarrassing. I actually saved this article so I could come back and read it and write my own article about the issue after more research. I guess instead of hitting the “save draft” button I hit the “publish” button. *shrug*

      Anyway, I’ll probably just let this stand as it is and come back with my own article later. I read a blurb later in the day that a bill had passed the congress to defund Planned Parenthood. I guess they want to shut down the government over a lie. Anything to get their base riled.

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  3. I find it embarrassing as a woman that women fight for the right to abort their unborn children. We are a society that knows how to prevent pregnancy. Birth control is not expensive. If a woman can pay for a cell phone, or her nails done, or get hair done, or eating lunch out 1x/week, she can afford birth control.

    Our tax dollars are to not to fund abortions. Planned parenthood does abortions. None of you would want your tax dollars going to a Christian clinic even if it provided other health care services… You would think the moneys were being used to prosthelytize. The same thing goes with PP. If they want to receive tax dollars, then stop doing abortions and continue to provide women with other services. If a woman wants an abortion, she can get it from a private doctor, not one that works in clinic that receives tax funds.

    The video that Fiorina mentioned, I have not seen. The ones I saw, were not doctored. They were eating lunch making deals. Where the PP lady messed up, it’s against the law to perform an abortion and remove the body parts in a way to sell later. The PP said they do that.

    With all of this abortion topic being on the rise, I decided to watch abortions being performed, just to make sure what I saw years ago wasnt incorrect. It was as I remembered, small human body parts being pulled through the woman’s cervix. The partial birth abortion, wow, a fully developed baby with blood pouring out from the base of it skull…. Lifeless body. These are NOT women’s health care! These are barbaric procedures done on the most innocent. Women should stand up for all women, and this includes those growing in their mother’s body.


    • I don’t know about America but the latest UK figures showed that more abortions were medical than surgical.

      And what all people should stand up for, not just women, is women’s rights. And that includes the right to choose an abortion if a woman so wants. You don’t have to have one, but please don’t make the choice for other women. Their bodies are not yours to decide what to do with. Scientifically and legally, a foetus is not a person however much you may want to pretend it is with emotive language such as referring to a foetus as ‘the most innocent’.

      There is lots wrong with my country but I can at least say that safe legal abortions are available on the NHS for women who choose them. It’s not mine to judge why they need them, it’s a last resort, but at least it is there for those women.

      Has it occurred to you that a woman needing an abortion may not be able to afford a private doctor? If a woman can’t afford contraception (as you don’t seem to have free contraception), and can’t afford to feed another mouth and all the other on-costs of children, she is unlikely to be able to afford a private abortion either. Restricting free/cheap, easily available and accessible abortion always hits the poor first and hardest. That’s why Sanger pushed for contraception in the USA.


      • Most abortions performed here in the US are not for rape, incest, or life of the mother. They are done because the woman got pregnant and doesn’t want it.

        Here in the US, poor women can be on Medicaid. That gives them free or reduced Healthcare. If they are pregnant, our government pays for their prenatal. Poor people also can revive WIC and food stamps, that covers food. If a woman breastfeed that’s free. Also a woman can give that child up for adoption if she isn’t ready to have a child or can’t afford to raise a child. On top of that, if a woman is having sex, she should at the least be using condoms to protect herself from a std . They are not 100% in preventing pregnancy, but better than going bareback.

        Just because the child in the fetal stage of development and isn’t considered a person by law doesn’t mean that ending it’s life should be permissible. At one point blacks weren’t considered people under the law. At one stage they were considered half a person. None the less, beating or killing them would still be morally wrong despite the fact that the law didn’t recognize their personhood. Animals at one point had no protection, we are moving in the right direction to protect animals well being. But before these laws it would still be morally wrong to abuse your dog.

        I’m not using emotional wording, they are innocent. And the argument about not telling women what to do with their bodies, what about the unborn child’s body? Who will defend them? It has taken courageous people in the past to get society to see that blacks, women, gays deserve the same rights and protection as everyone else. I feel the same for the unborn, they need people to stand up for them even if they are too young to know it.

        Also, I’m 110% for birth control and the morning after pill. I do feel all pro-life people should because we have to recognize women are going to have sex. I want women to enjoy their sex lives to the fullest. I just expect us to be responsible when we do. Protect ourselves against pregnancy and stds .


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