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You Can’t Get Anywhere with Those People



From the facebook files:  Climate change experts have an agenda and don’t want to be confused with facts.  “What facts”, you might scratch your head and ask.  Why, the Bible, of course.  Who needs science?  Who needs experiments?  You have all the facts you need right there in the Bible.  It says so right in there.

“Will the circle be unbroken
Bye and bye Lord, bye and bye” – Johnny Cash

You just can’t make this stuff up, people.  In the words of Ron White, “You can’t fix stupid.”

30 thoughts on “You Can’t Get Anywhere with Those People

  1. It looks like the blue-ice moved from the Antarctic down onto the Facebook messages… mysteriously covering up peoples faces and names!!! 😮 😉


  2. It’s all there in Genesis 1

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  3. When people talk climate change they confuse two issues. One is the impact people have on the environment and the second is natural climate change.

    There is a difficult issue here for people who think the earth is a few thousand years old, because if you look at zillions (precise scientific term there) of years ago, the earth’s climate changed lots of times before people even inhabited it. I know, this doesn’t fit well with the book of myths.

    If you compare current climate change with what has happened in the past it is minimal. The point is, people are exacerbating the problems. Well, they/we usually do.

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    • Sure, when you look at billions of years of cyclical climate change and the waxing and waning of warming and cooling there is definitely a pattern of natural climate change. But our footprint here speeds up the process and adds to the process, something climate change hoaxers want to fob off, as if cutting down rain forests and pouring who-knows-what chemicals into our waterways has no effect, not to mention the affect that corporate and auto emissions has on the atmosphere. Nevermind all that.

      These are the same people who deny that multiple ice ages have happened over billions of years because the earth can’t possibly be that old.

      I did find it hilarious, though, that they accuse the scientific community, and those who chose to actually be familiar enough with climate change to try to understand it as having an agenda and not wanting to be confused with the facts. Maybe they might want to look into who is behind the “climate change is a hoax” movement. It couldn’t possibly be big oil, could it?

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      • It’s a hot (?) topic where I live:

        Climate change? Excuse for more taxes. Not for big business. Oh no.

        There are a lot of ways to cut down on climate change but does anyone want to do it? Oh no again.

        ‘Carbon footprint’? Having a laugh.

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        • Pun intended.

          I think, like most things, there is some truth to it being somewhere in the middle. Perhaps some of the taxation is inflated by fearmongering? And big oil and energy want to downplay it as much as possible because if people start to run their homes and cars off of really clean energy they’re going to lose out. Big time.

          Over here, and please forgive me – I’m no economist, lower gas prices are “killing” the economy. Deflation is weakening our economy, so the experts say. When prices go up they say the same thing. Goldilocks economy, I tell ya. And we ain’t found “just right” yet.


  4. I enjoy reading Facebook comment threads like that… until it makes me angry. And then happy. And then angry again. Facepalms, facepalms for everyone.

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    • Yes, I read. I never participate. When I got to the first comment, “That’s because it’s colder due to global warming….they actually have people who say stuff like that,” I facepalmed. When I got to the last bit about “those people with an agenda,” *headdesk*


      via GIPHY

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      • “You can’t fix stupid” is premium Ron White misanthropy. Too bad he’s right! No use trying to interfere in threads like that.


        • He is somewhat of a neanderthal. He doesn’t crawl out of his bottle of Scotch for much, I don’t think. He’s only right to a degree. These people really aren’t that stupid. The sentiments expressed in the OP are those of willfully ignorant people. I think that might be worse than stupidity.


          • Haha, true true, I can only handle his stand-up in clips here and there. You’re right, it is more ignorant than stupid. There are people with PhD’s who disbelieve in climate change. Willful ignorance is awfully hard to fix.


  5. Well scientists know exactly why the ice is expanding in Antarctica. This is what really annoys me when these things come out. Because they try to claim we don’t understand. This is a great site for not only explaining the Antarctic Sea Ice issue but many other denialist myths. With basic, intermediate and advanced explanations. Lot’s of references too. http://www.skepticalscience.com/antarctica-gaining-ice.htm

    I have also read that part of the issue has to do with all the freshwater melt from the Antarctic ice cap reducing the salinity of the waters near Antarctica which raises the freezing temperature of water. Greater salinity lowers the temperature water will freeze so as the climate warms and run off from the continent lowers salinity we would expect sea ice to at least remain constant if not expand, especially when combined with the other factors discussed in the previous link.


    Nice to see you back Ruth!! Missed your blogs!

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    • I haven’t had a chance to read your links, yet. I’ll get to those later. But, yes, it isn’t the “we” don’t understand. It’s that “they” don’t understand. What’s more, they don’t even want to. Any scientific explanation is met with, “pfffft, God….fact!”. No amount of links to articles, experimental results, scientific explanations can penetrate it. It’s so much easier to not put in the effort to understand and just simply say, “but God.” It’s a darned good thing everyone isn’t that lazy. These are the same people who have absolutely no idea how much they rely on the validity and precision of same said science – daily.

      Thanks, Swarn! It’s good to be back, even if a bit limited.


  6. Here’s your sign… :0)

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  8. “A Shark. A Sharknado.”

    Huh! Good stuff.

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  9. People will believe anything you tell them and when it’s on Facebook, of course it must be true Ruth. 😆

    The comments are hilarious and so are you. I think they should make a movie with your title: ‘Sharknado’, with climate change and of course the people who were sucked off. LOL!

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  10. Ha! I guess it’s an American thing, but somebody already did make a movie with that title. Not just one. It was so good, apparently(I haven’t seen it), that they made four of them!


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