Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

Spontaneous Combustion?


I wish I had something profound to offer.  Alas I do not.  So until I do please enjoy these photos of my hounds.  I do love these girls!


I’m just as shocked as you are, mom. I was minding my own business when this box suddenly exploded. It was spontaneous combustion. I did the only thing a respectable dog could do. I defended the home. Really, you just had to be there, man.


We’re happy girls!

18 thoughts on “Spontaneous Combustion?

  1. Oh I don’t know, dog pix are always good. And you can’t get much less profound than my repair to the leaking roof. Although I did include two dog pix 😉 just in case.

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  2. Bwahahaha!!! I can hear the canine explanations now…

    What mess? Umm, it wasn’t me… it was HIM!” (Lie-detector needle bounces everywhere and off the paper!)

    Love it Ruth! As they say… “Laughter is the best medicine!” Pets are the best doctors for it. 😉

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    • I think Dottie gets blamed for a lot of stuff Sarah likely does. She just sits on her perch on the sofa looking all innocent. Dottie, bless her heart, gives herself away immediately. lol

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  3. I’m with the dog on this one. That box looked pretty menacing.

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  4. They’re looking fantastic!

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  5. Dogs really know how to cut through the b.s. in life and get down to the things that really matter. We can learn quite a lot from them. I’m ready for a treat now.

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  6. You know, I’ve seen my son wearing exactly the same expression as the dog in the top picture — and under surprisingly similar circumstances!

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