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Manufacturing Malice


The more extreme right side of Christianity has drawn attention to a certain red cup.  Now the media is being blamed for this supposed war because…wait for it….they reported on it.  redcup

Even The Donald has gotten in on the action.  When he’s president everyone will say “Merry Christmas!”.  I’m not sure how he’s going to accomplish that, but okay.

A number of my Christian friends have seen through the red cup controversy.  They see how silly it is.  They see what a caricature it makes them out to be.  The arguments are endless about it, still, with some saying it’s not just about the cup.  It’s that it’s just one more way that the left is winning.  It’s one more way that their freedoms are being eroded.

Because I’ve also been seeing this in my facebook newsfeed – a lot:


Since when can we not say, “Merry Christmas?”  I do not know one.single.person. who calls a Christmas tree a holiday tree. What a crock, indeed.  If it did offend me, though, where would I go?  I’m American, too, afterall.  There are times like this, however, when I’d really rather whisper that than say it out loud because this is just embarrassing.

I’m not a Christian.  I do celebrate Christmas.  I put up a Christmas tree.  Not a holiday tree, a Christmas tree.

When I greet people at Christmastime I say, “Merry Christmas!”  When it’s New Year’s I say, “Happy New Year’s!”  Sometimes, when it’s someone I know I won’t see in between Christmas and New Year’s I say, “Happy Holidays!”  Because, well, there’s a lot of holiday packed in a short period of time and they are holidays, for crying out loud.

Do you know what has never, ever, ever happened?  I have never been corrected on any of that.  I’ve never been told I shouldn’t or couldn’t say, “Merry Christmas!”  I’ve never heard anybody say that it shouldn’t be said.

I understand why stores celebrate with “Happy Holidays!”  It’s not a war on Christmas.  It’s not eroding anyone’s freedom to say it, either.  Or celebrate it, for that matter.  It’s because this is a diverse society with any number of Jewish, Muslim, and Christians celebrating various holidays at the same time of year.  Who doesn’t understand that?

If you want to manufacture malice you really need to do it about something else.  You’re making yourselves look like a bunch of narcissists who think the only holidays that should be important to everyone else are yours.

21 thoughts on “Manufacturing Malice

  1. Once, a Muslim clerk at a New Mexico gas station wished me a Merry Christmas. Yeah. I wonder how many Christians have wished him Ramadan kareem?

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    • I wish my Jewish neighbours and friends happy Hanukkah, and the same at Rosh Hashanah. I think the gesture is what’s important. Sure not everyone knows the appropriate words for another religion and the default is the majority. But any greeting that wishes good cheer should be appreciated for just that. In Spain, Felices Fiestas (happy holidays?!) start on 6–8 Dec with one religious and one secular holiday. For a Catholic country, few people say feliz navidad.

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    • Zero. I wonder how many Christians even know what that is other than a sacrilege, of course.


  2. You know, I think Starbucks really hit a goldmine with this cup. They’ve gotten all KINDS of free advertising this year, and it isn’t even after Thanksgiving yet.

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  3. Haven’t Christians been moaning about this for years? Year boring in, year boring out. For myself, I rather like Season’s Greetings. So tasteful and all encompassing, and … well … so un-American 😀 Happy holidays is nothing more than a reminder of that ghastly song.

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    • LOL!

      Yes, year in and year out the Christians haul out their fictitious war on Christmas. That’s what’s so embarrassing about it! They say the stupidest things, like the stuff in the meme in the OP. Smh…

      There’s a whole lotta Christmas music that is ghastly. Especially when the radio stations and stores start playing it after Halloween. Puke.


  4. Sometimes I just say bah humbug! 🙂

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  5. So I was talking to a Christian minister yesterday and he commented that the “Christmas” decorations that used to be on the cup were… snowflakes? Yeah those Starbucks bastards are evil anti-christ for removing that.

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    • Snowflakes, Christmas ornaments, Santa and reindeer have all adorned the cups. I think they’ve changed them every year and it’s never particularly “Christian.” Starbucks has made it perfectly clear that they promote equality of, well, everyone. Anti-Christ? Satan incarnate, more like.

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  6. I think they have some lose nuts in their brains

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  7. Sometimes I see a focus on the word ‘Xmas’ as an example of an attack on Christianity by removing Christ from Christmas. However this is a good example of ideology overriding reality as it was actually it seems to have been Christians who came up with the term Xmas.

    There is an interesting report on the matter here for those interested:

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  8. I think this is indeed a same dance, different song and manufactured drama which much of the U.S. media consumers lap-it-up, causing the drama to over-inflate. No matter how ridiculous the balloon inflates and blows up in 100-pieces, the bigger the blow-up/bang, the more publicity and PR someone or something receives… which is good business revenue. Many a filthy wealthy owner/CEO has repeated: “Good or bad publicity is STILL publicity!” Exposure. Marketing. Revenue. This revenue-generating business principle is a very well-known trick by highly paid executives & their marketing staff. Usually the more ridiculous, the more money, the bigger the paycheck.

    To gain an idea of what American consumers like, look at America’s top 15 TV shows according to TV.com: Keeping Up with the Kardashians at #5, 19 Kids and Counting at #6, Dance Moms at #10, and Total Divas at #12! For social media, and I emphasize “SOCIAL not quality-factual content, for the internet/WiFi/cell phones medium… Facebook with almost 50% of the market-share, Youtube, and Twitter a very distant 3rd, none of which a scholarly panel would use to gain accurate knowledge.

    For NEWS sources, Americans are almost as pitiful:

    Point is, a large number of American “media consumers” let their emotions/drama dictate dialogue rather than critical-thinking. The nation’s most popular news and media sources reveal Americans will almost always prefer entertainment-drama over analytics, science, and fact-finding. For the sake of my sanity, I’ve had to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce my Facebook browsing — and even when on it it’s only for 5-10 mins. 😛


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