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Impalers and Savages


The lot of them, says these two former facecrook friends.  My “friends” are decreasing by the day.


It isn’t even that I want an echo chamber.  I can handle opposing views. This kind of xenophobic nonsense I have no patience nor tolerance for and there is no point in even engaging.  It would accomplish nothing.

Goodbye former classmates.

28 thoughts on “Impalers and Savages

  1. Or as I like to call it…ButtFacebook…

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  2. That’s one reason I’m not on Facebook. People from my past would want to friend me, and I don’t really want to have to put up with hateful nonsense like that. If I never friend anybody I don’t have to unfriend them!

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  3. Unfollow without unfriending? Need to find that!

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  4. Facebook has really become a place of frustration for me. I also have some family and friends who post very cringe-worthy content (like what you shared). I enjoy visiting for the pics that friends/family share and for some funny content, but damn. The political insanity and religion-fueled-delusion that often fills up Facebook greatly detracts from the positive value.

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    • After my last bout of frustration with a facebook interaction I haven’t been visiting that often. I got a little notification that one of my friends was having a birthday and I went to wish her a happy one. I was bombarded with all sorts of insanity and this one just took the cake. Next time I’ll just text my friend. I wish I could say that what I posted here was a small sampling but I’ve apparently got some really horrible “friends”. Ack! At any rate, thanks to that “unfollow” thingy I don’t have very much in my newsfeed. 😀

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  5. I think Carmen calls it *noseybook*. 🙂 I don’t do Facebook but I think I’d be mean and click *unfriend.* :mrgreen:

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    • At some point I likely will. I don’t want to see their crap and they really probably don’t want to see mine, either. We’d never agree on much of anything.


      • Ruth, if I may jump in here…

        Strictly regarding Face-bake, the News Feed settings certainly allow for your own highly preferenced feeds — definitely keeps your blood-pressure manageable. 😉 I’ve grouped all of my “Friends” in 4-5 specific groups based upon their known and pseudo-known social position. The ones like you have here I have their News Feeds set to either “Acquaintences” where little-2-none of their opinions come across my feed. And then I have 2 polarized groups that MY OWN posts go through: A) Conservative-Closed-Minded… and B) Open-minded, where they usually can laugh with me about everything! I mean everything under the Sun and where the Sun don’t shine, if you know what I mean. 😈

        Group B I enjoy the most. Surprised? 😉 But I don’t have you in any of my groups on Face-bake. Now tell me Ruth…

        WHY IS THAT!!!!???? (stares at you glaring!) lol


        • I don’t know how to do that grouping thing. I’ll have to check into that as well.

          Well…I don’t know your name and you don’t know mine? Are you on there as Professor Taboo?


          • Are you on there as Professor Taboo?

            LOL… Umm, no! As a public school teacher 4th thru 8th grade in one of the Red-est Conservative states in the Union that still have and hire religious mercenaries that go against Xian/KKK values and ideology in many rural areas…no, I felt it wise to keep my identity restricted on Face-bake. 🙂

            I’ll shoot you a private email about this, if serious. I was sort of gesting; not overly serious, especially about Face-bake. 😉 ❤


          • That’s why I asked if you were on there as Professor Taboo. I didn’t know how much you were trying to keep your real identity a secret. I operate on facebook under my real name.

            I have a question. Do you wear a monocle and a ruffle blouse to work?

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          • LOL…if I could wear my own choices and fashion-preferences to work, I would in a heartbeat! So, to answer your question… disappointingly no. When you live and must survive in an “At Will” state (TX), as an employee you are expected to follow Attire policies. Despite the fact that Steampunk attire is HIGHLY fashionable — a lot more so for men than men’s regular drab predictable attire today at workplaces — it is viewed inside the workplace as intolerated, unacceptable. But ironically NOT for women! HAH! Outside the workplace for men, it is more tolerated, accepted in specific “events” like my noctural locations I go to dance on weekends. But alas, I do not live inside a open-minded liberal region of the Union. For the sake of a paycheck, I must pick my battles wisely. 😈


  6. Those are people you know? The world is a crazy place.
    I deleted my fb account like 4 years ago after unfriending almost everyone and I am not joining anytime soon

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  7. Ruth, did you know that I think either CNN, HLN (Headline News), or The Weather Channel (don’t think it’s Fox News) have a segment that follows “the pulse” of Face-bake, i.e. what’s currently trending for the day; the Top 5. :/

    I wonder… is that possibly a “good” indicator of “the public opinion” and preferences in news stories and journalism? 😛 😈

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    • Of course it is. This has turned into a sound-bite nation. A lot of people evidently think in very shallow, very short, bursts. There isn’t much nuance or depth in how they form their opinions. They listen to Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter and regurgitate bullshit memes and fake photographs they found in the internet. And it doesn’t even matter that it’s wrong or uninformed or even misinformed. It confirms their bias and they’re good with it. :/

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      • No arguement whatsoever here. When Face-bake is the topic of group face-2-face conversation — sadly, it is too often — I always describe it as “…a large auditorium where everyone & anyone can bring their Gong or Cymbals and bash the SHIT out of them, so they’ll be seen and heard.” 😉 Hehehe


  8. I think this post jives a lot with my most recent post, and the one I posted a couple weeks ago. I don’t think we should feel bad dropping facebook friends who are unable to make reasoned arguments to support their views. There are plenty of healthier ways to get arguments from the “other side” than through social media which tends to give the shortest and most extreme arguments and overgeneralizes situations. For some subjects I also know that I have thoroughly crossed the intellectual hurdles and have investigate ad nauseum and heard all the arguments that if I don’t feel like shutting myself off from those same tired views is bubbling myself. 🙂


    • Unfortunately, I have a granddaughter that I would definitely prefer not to “unfriend,” but her political tastes are TOTALLY the opposite of mine.

      While I may share memes and such that express my views, I do try to keep them from being “in-your-face” statements. My granddaughter, on the other hand, has called Obama some very unflattering names and does not hesitate to express her support for Trump. Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to deal with. *sigh* I just try to remember that she’s young and has a lot to learn.

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      • I have to tell you it feels odd that you are complaining about a conservative granddaughter and you are the liberal grandmother. Most times I hear it the other way around. LOL

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        • I was raised by Democrats, switched to Republican while I was “in the Lord’s work” because that was the more “accepted” political party. After leaving that restrictive style of living, the whole world opened up and I could really “see” what was going on (instead of having it dictated to me). As a result, I reverted back to the more liberal, humanistic side of politics.

          I just find it sad that so many get so angry (and even, at times, dangerous) just because other people don’t agree with their particular outlook on the world.

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          • I understand your path better now. 🙂 It’s just funny too because I was thinking of you statement “She’s young and she’s got a lot to learn”, and the young say about their conservative parents and grandparents “they are old and set in their ways”, they would never say “not sure why they are like this, they are older and should know better”. But I do hope your granddaughter is able to ingest more of life and change her views.

            And I agree it is sad that people get so angry and negative.


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