Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

33 thoughts on “All’s well that ends well…

  1. Hallelujah! PRAISE His Holy Holiness on Highness Above the Highest Mountain that SINGS His Glorious Name on High!!!

    Or… are those singing voices and other divine spirits in my head? 😈

    Ruth, are you NOT “in the Spirit”? How can you not be joyous about your end-place!? 😉 😛

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    • Well, I guess I’d have to say that I’m not really afraid of dying, but I’m not getting a trip together tomorrow. It’s how I get there that worries me a little. After that I don’t think I’ll know anything. I’ll just be…dead. I’m…indifferent about my end-place since I won’t know anything that’s happening at that point. 😀

      Do you answer to those voices and spirits? And if they’re in your head they’re probably not very divine. 😛

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  2. So what happens if it doesn’t end well? Jesus didn’t wish it?

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  3. That pointing finger is kind of scary and accusatory. Or maybe it’s supposed to look like those old “Uncle Sam Wants You” posters. Either way, I’m not having any of it.

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  4. Ending my year and starting my next Jesus free is why I’m having a happy holiday.

    When I read that it sounds like a whole bunch of junk to try to convince yourself of something. Posters like that remind me of the whole “positive confession” era in my life. I don’t miss any of that glorified programming. What’s next? “I can do all things through Jesus Christ which strengthens me?”

    All of that mind control mumbo jumbo is garbage.

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    • I think this is supposed to be a feel good warm fuzzy for believers. It just looks like a curse to me.


      • Yuck, I always hated having to constantly convince myself and others that god was a good god. That was the point of ALWAYS praying and reading the Bible for us, wasn’t it? Ruth, I’ll never miss that. I’ll never miss longing for a love that will never be fulfilled. I’ll never miss that sick feeling of deserving whatever bull shit I went through because “he chastens who he loves.” Looking back at this now I can see the blatant humiliation of being a Christian. It goes beyond being a tool.

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        • Yes. Meditate day and night. Hide God’s word in your heart. Pray without ceasing. Brainwash yourself.

          I shan’t miss those mental gymnastics, either. I don’t remember thinking I deserved the bullshit, but I remember thinking I couldn’t complain about it because, after all, Jesus endured the cross. Who was I to complain? Forgive 70×7 and all that.

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          • So true about the mental gymnastics. And I totally get that mindset about the crucifixion. I felt the same way. I had no right to complain about abuse and mistreatment because Jesus paid it all. He went through the ultimate sacrifice. I had no right to expect anything decent. If the king of kings suffered such a horrific death who was I to think I could live a better life? How dare I be so arrogant!

            Oh Ruth, were your ears burning? I was talking about you on Nate’s blog today.

            I hope you, the Brit and all of your puppies have a great holiday and a wonderful new year!

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          • No, I’ve been completely oblivious. Now I’ll have to go take a peek to see if I can find it. It was all good, I’m sure. 😉

            I have no doubt we will. I hope you and your family have a happy holiday season, too! *hugs*


  5. If that finger gets too close I might bite it off. I prefer my fanatics at arms length or more.

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  6. Hi, Ruth. I don’t know what to say to you, but I thought I’d tell you that I still think of you. Love, waltsamp


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