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Weakness Thou Art a Woman


During his speech at a New Hampshire rally Donald Trump entertained yet again.  And, yet again, demonstrated why he is not, in my humble opinion, presidential material.

I don’t want another establishment candidate, nor do I care for having my ears tickled and being told just exactly what I want to hear, nor am I particularly politically correct. However vulgarity, misogyny, and a lack of conscience are not exactly high on my list of qualifications for the next Commander in Chief.

“The other night in the debate,” he told thousands in Manchester, “they asked Ted Cruz a serious question: what do you think of waterboarding? Is it OK? I thought he’d say absolutely, and he didn’t. And he said, well, he’s concerned because some people –”

A woman near the front of the crowd interrupted. “He’s a p—-!”

Trump admonished her for saying “a terrible thing”.

“You know what she just said?” he asked. “Shout it out, because I don’t want to say it.”

“You’re not allowed to say that,” he continued. “I never expect to hear that from you again.”

Trump paused, looked out at his election-eve audience and leaned into the microphone: “She said he’s a p—-.”

The audience cheered – shouting “Trump! Trump!” – before he gave the woman a mock admonishment and returned to his rambling, more than 45-minute speech.

Let’s forget for a moment that what he’s discussing here quite possibly qualifies as a war crime.  That he would waterboard and “a hell of a lot worse.”

No.  I can’t.  I can’t forget that.  He knows waterboarding isn’t okay.  He’s quite well aware it’s tantamount to torture and he’s okay with that.

Yes, ISIS is cutting off the heads of those who dare to oppose them.  Not only those who oppose them, but those who just don’t quite believe the same way as them.  It’s barbaric.

So, in an effort to stem that tide we’ll, what, become barbarians ourselves?  But I digress.

What else might we expect from a candidate who would like to punch a protester in the face? He might be the biggest supporter of the Second Amendment, but the first one can go to hell.  I’ll admit that protesters can be rude, obnoxious, and annoying.  That’s kind of what a protest is.  But it doesn’t sound like he’s too keen on people dissenting.  If he has protesters removed and wishes to punch them in the face now, what is going to happen to our right to disagree and protest his actions if he’s President? Twice, I digress.

Trump has clearly demonstrated his sexist tendencies.

Let’s get something perfectly clear, just because you aren’t opposed to women working and even not opposed to them earning a lot of money doesn’t mean you aren’t sexist.  Women, as demonstrated by the female rally-goer, can be sexist, too!  Because isn’t that funny?  Hilarious, actually?  Ted Cruz is the equivalent of the slang word for the female genitalia he’s so weak.

I’m watching all of this unfold in disbelief.  I understand that a lot of Americans are angry.  I get it that many people don’t feel like their government is working for them anymore.  I’m just hoping against hope that people don’t let that anger cause them to vote with their emotions instead of logic.  That desire for a savior has cost us too much already.

30 thoughts on “Weakness Thou Art a Woman

  1. If it makes us feel any better the last time the Republicans won the Presidency without a Nixon or a Bush on the ticket was 1928. So unless he picks Jeb! he shouldn’t be able to get elected. So says my crystal ball.

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  2. At the close of WW2 the US tried and hanged Japanese officers for, wait for it, waterboarding.

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    • Despite the fact that the Bush administration scrapped it over torture concerns and it’s proven ineffectiveness Donald Trump had this to say about it at a rally, “It works,” Trump said over and over again. “Believe me, it works. And you know what? If it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway, for what they’re doing. It works.”

      And the crowd went apeshit, cheering and applauding! My eyes welled with tears. While I disagree with the premise that it works, when the Bush administration did employ this tactic they were trying to gain information from it. They did use it with a purpose. I wholly disagree with the idea that the end justifies the means, but at least I can understand that mentality. This idea of taking pleasure in the torture of people because they “deserve it” simply puts us on par with the barbarians we purport to be trying to save and rid the world of. It makes us no better than them.

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  3. Nodding and applauding with all the pessimistic optimism I can muster.

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  4. Very well said Ruth. I’m still blown away by the fact that Trump is still a very viable candidate for the Republicans. 😮

    I am utterly amazed by how easily (many?) people are influenced by and sucked into a primeval Mob-mentality or the semblance of it. I’m not just speaking about that woman protestor or Trump staying true-to-real-character by inciting the cess-pool indignation — though I’d NEVER vote for him, I don’t hate Ted Cruz to such a heinous level. What disturbs me deeply is how ‘popular’ Trump is (and other candidates too) to Conservative parties. What does that say about the American voters? Is there much/any difference between cess-pool indignation politically and primeval mob-mentality socially outside of political rallies & debates? I could cite a plethora of sporting events where the mob turned horribly inhumane! :/

    We shouldn’t forget WHO puts people like Trump into the limelight or… (the Universe forbid) into the Oval Office.
    (sadly shakes head in astonishment)

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    • Viable candidate? I’m not sure anyone else has a muddy, pot-hole filled, rocky path to the nomination. O_o

      About the only candidate I like less than Trump is Cruz, simply because he’s a religious zealot. Trump’s not that. And I think his constituents are going to wake up to an ugly reality if he’s elected. He’ll sprint to the middle, possibly even the left. He just knows what he sees and is capitalizing on it in a way the rest of the field hasn’t. People are ugly, they are racist, they are angry, and he is saying whatever he needs to say to get them to vote for him. Anytime his base has taken a collective gasp at anything he’s said he simply walks it back and says that’s not really what he meant.

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      • That’s the first time I have seen that thought. People round the world are watching aghast, and “he’ll sprint to the middle” offers slight hope. Why do you think that? Our right wing eejits are trying to take us out of the EU, just like when they were trying to get elected.


        • Well, I personally don’t think we’ll ever see a wall. Maybe part of a wall. But I think that’s just bluster to play to the ultra-right. He will probably do some token things, like at Christmas time he’ll likely make a big public display of saying “Merry Christmas”, to keep those Evangelical Christians he’s pandering to who believe there’s a war on Christianity happy. The thing is, there is no place in America where you can’t say “Merry Christmas” if you want to so that’ll just be a little token. What’s he going to do? Make a law that you have to say “Merry Christmas?” I doubt it. He’ll never get to waterboard anybody because it is a war crime for which he can be punished by the international court. He’s playing to people’s xenophobia. I’ll give him this: he’s a marketing expert. When it comes to healthcare, I think we’ll still end up with either a single-payer national healthcare of some kind with the option to buy private health insurance if someone can afford it and wants it.

          I have a theory about Trump that may not line up with everybody else’s. He’s not a stupid man. He didn’t get where he is being stupid. Yes, he had a lot of help because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but there are a lot of people born into money that can’t parlay it into anything more than bankruptcy. He has got to have some kind of sense about him. So, I think this dog and pony show he’s putting on for the American public is a genius marketing strategy to get into a position to get his hands on the tax code to ever so slightly tweak it in a manner such that real estate will once again be king and he can line his pockets even more. He did not wake up one morning and decide that he doesn’t care about money anymore. That’s ALL he cares about. Well, maybe he cares about his family. But he cares about money A LOT.

          I have advice for my fellow Americans. If Trump wins, invest in real estate. Heavily.

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          • I have just watched him on the British news say that Mr Romney would have knelt down to him if he had required it. It is not only Mr Romney that he likes to think of, kneeling.

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          • There is no denying that he is an egomaniacal, narcissistic, horrid excuse for a human being. I didn’t say I wanted him for president. I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher. But I also think he’s an opportunist who doesn’t believe half the crap he spews. So much for his “honesty”. I don’t think there’s an honest bone in his body. He’s filling a very disgusting vacuum here which most others do not wish to be associated with. I will not vote for him. Not now. Not ever.

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          • “I have a theory about Trump that may not line up with everybody else’s. He’s not a stupid man. He didn’t get where he is being stupid. Yes, he had a lot of help because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but there are a lot of people born into money that can’t parlay it into anything more than bankruptcy.”

            I see what you’re saying, but, well… http://money.cnn.com/2015/08/31/news/companies/donald-trump-bankruptcy/

            His business ventures actually have not done well at all. His casinos have actually filed for bankruptcy more than any other major business in recent history. So I buy the theory that he’s an idiot with incredible privilege. He was so wealthy and well connected to begin with he could survive more financial messes than most people even have the opportunity to get into. I do think he’s smart when it comes to bluffing a tough image that can fool enough people to keep him on top, but that’s all I see real evidence of.


          • I’m aware of his four bankruptcies. He’s a venture capitalists which means that a number of his investments are risky. No one here can possibly think I’m a Trump apologist. I do think there are plenty of reasons to believe that he’s a horrible choice for president without manufacturing any. His own words alone are enough to give pause. Anytime someone has to tell you they’re the best, that they’re trustworthy, that they have integrity and keep repeating it should send up all kinds of red flags. If you are those things your actions should speak for themselves.

            But to suggest that he isn’t smart or that he has no talent or that all he has going for him is the fact that he was born into money I think is also wrong. Sure that is a part of his success. Likely the major part of his success. But that doesn’t make him an idiot. He’s had far more risky ventures that worked out than didn’t. I don’t think that’s a blind hog finding an acorn. Here’s a wiki link about the Trump Organization. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Trump_Organization

            Having said all that I’m not I’m the camp of those who believe those particular skills necessarily translate into a great president. In fact I think he’s quite reckless because he can afford to be. Do we want someone reckless operating recklessly on our behalf? America isn’t one of his venture experiments. I think he’ll write checks our ass can’t cash. More to the point we won’t want to cash.

            Republicans has a field day when Nancy Pelosi said we’d have to approve the ACA to “see what’s in it.” A vote for Trump is pulling the Ultima “Nancy Pelosi”. They have to elect him to see what’s in there. I’m afraid it’s a Pandora’s Box.

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          • I hope I didn’t come across as suggesting you were defending him; that didn’t cross my mind for a moment. Obviously we both agree that he’s a terrible candidate.

            Thanks for the link; it was interesting stuff. I can’t say I’m completely convinced, because I could easily envision a world where his successes aren’t really his. I’m sure he’s got plenty of lawyers, accountants and financial advisors, and he’s the kind of narcissist who could be manipulated into acting as figurehead while someone behind the scenes makes the real decisions. That said, I freely admit that I have absolutely no proof for this; just a gut feeling. In the long run, it doesn’t really matter. As you say, there are plenty of reasons to be scared of him.


          • I just wanted to be perfectly clear if I hadn’t been already. 🙂

            Well, I can see what you’re saying but I’ve also seen studies that show narcissists can be very effective leaders and extremely successful. I can envision the world you’re imagining but I would think that past employees might be inclined to come forward with that information. Probably not current ones because they’d be fearful of their jobs but certainly past attorneys, accountants, financiers, and other real estate moguls he’s had deals with or an attempt to negotiate deals with. I’m hearing plenty of what an arrogant S.o.b. he is, plenty of how ruthless, bit I haven’t heard anyone say he wasn’t shrewd.

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      • I see what you’re saying about Cruz, but I still find Trump the most terrifying candidate. While I don’t doubt that what he would do and what he says he’ll do have very little in common, I don’t think for a minute he’ll sprint to the middle. At least, not to stay. He’s not consistently anything besides rude, bombastic and narcissistic. Hillary is the kind who will calculate and move to wherever she sees the most support; Trump is the kind of person who wildly zigzags based on whims that often have nothing to do with common sense or reality.

        And that’s why, as much as I dislike him, Cruz scares me less than Trump. Cruz would be like electing Mr. Freeze to office. You know bad things are going to happen, but at least you have a chance to stock up on kitty litter and firewood. Trump is like electing the Joker; there is no telling what he’s going to do.

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        • See my response to Clare.

          Either I’m right or America might just get blown off the map. As far as I can tell America doesn’t play prominently in the end times in anyone’s holy book. Gulp.


  5. You know, I have noticed one really encouraging thing. Among all the conservative friends I have (and granted, that sample is skewed by the fact that they are all conservatives who would remain willing friends with a queer atheist) none of them would actually vote for Trump. And I don’t just mean they didn’t support him in the primaries; I mean my boyfriend’s Dad has repeatedly threatened to vote for cartoon characters come November if Trump is the Republican nominee.

    It is giving me this weird hope that, maybe, just maybe, a decent chunk of the 70-ish percent of Republicans who aren’t voting for him in the primaries will stay home or cast junk votes for him in November. Then, when Trump ends in a distant fourth behind President Bernillary, Mickey Mouse and Queen Elsa, the whole party will learn a valuable lesson about pandering to bigots, and next election will feature candidates who are actually informed, and disagree with each other for interesting reasons, and are willing to have a respectful fight with each other. At this point, the nation will be so overwhelmed by this unfamiliar sight that on election day, instead of queuing, we will spill out into the streets, dazed, searching each others faces and finally seeing, not red and blue, but fellow humans.
    “You’re beautiful,” the Democrats will say, collectively.
    The Republicans will blush. “You know, we’ve always wanted to… um… experiment.”
    “Yeah, we know,” the Democrats reply. “It’s kind of the worst kept secret ever.”
    “Do you think we could, um…” Even in their enlightened state, the Republicans can’t bring themselves to say it, but it’s all right. They don’t have to…..

    Okay, I’m not sure how this turned into slash fanfic, so I’m gonna stop here.

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    • Okay, I’m not sure how this turned into slash fanfic, so I’m gonna stop here.

      It’s probably best. I’m not sure where you were going to wind up there…

      I can only hope there are many more people out there like your boyfriend’s dad. They aren’t high hopes, though, based on what I’ve already seen. I guess it’s only fitting, though. America has become the butt of the joke worldwide, it’s only appropriate we have a gigantic ass for a leader to pin it on.

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  6. He is absolutely terrible, followed by two candidates who scare the bejeezus out of me if they get elected as well. For the moderate Republican it has to be absolutely frustrating to hear virtually not one of them make a substantive argument about any issue. The concern is that all these criticisms of Trump which are fair, accurate, and overflowing with evidence…Make. No. Difference. So how do you really fight crazy? How do you convince a group of people for whom the facts don’t matter that they should pick somebody else if they want to improve the quality of their lives. Trump supporters (and to a similar degree Cruz supporters) seem addicted to getting outraged, taking potshots at other people who are different, and who don’t really seem all that concerned about the future of this country or their fellow citizens. So what is the answer to changing the minds of such people. It’s like having a permanent mob out there who don’t want to be reasoned with, and just want to know who can jab with their pitchforks next. This to me is worrying to a degree I can’t quite explain. Maybe it’s because, I think I am fairly intelligent and can usually come up with a solution even if it’s overly idealistic. But I’m not sure a way out of this one, other than a real focus on education in this country that slowly erodes this mentality so that the next generation grows up more sensibly. I don’t know.

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    • Right? The only candidate out of the five on stage last night I could even remotely get behind is John Kasich. He seems like a truly level-headed guy who could actually possibly get things done. But he’s not extreme right enough for the mob who want to brandish their torches and pitchforks and burn some witches(gays, lesbians, transgender, Mexicans, Muslims, lazy poor people, and unattractive women).

      He is truly Teflon Don. No matter what he says his cultists cheer louder and prouder.

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      • I’m afraid that while Kasich appears more moderate in the face of the others, when you look closely at his record you find that no so much the case. He recently just signed a bill to defund planned parenthood, and then there was this gem from a few months ago. http://www.politico.com/story/2015/11/john-kasich-judeo-christian-agency-216001

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        • When I say he appears more moderate, I’m thinking more in terms of tone. And, I do think overall he’s more moderate than any of his current counterparts. I’m thinking lesser of the extremes here, though extremes still exist.

          Yes, that little ditty from a few months ago. I couldn’t possibly forget. I was sorely hoping that this was a knee-jerk reaction to the shootings in LA and that he’d recognized the error thereof since he’s gone dead-silent about it since.


  7. Okay, that is really rather frightening. I think I’ll continue my tactic of avoiding the news and keeping my eyes shut …

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