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Fast Food Politics



Actual, in person, conversation with a lily white, fair-haired, woman and her husband:

Her:  “Trump’s my man.  I like him!  He hates all the people I hate!”



I seriously did not know what to say to this.  So I said the only thing I that came to mind after my face went back to it’s normal countenance.

“What a reason to elect a President of our country!  That’s just one of the reasons I’ll never vote for him.”

Her husband piped up and agreed that he doesn’t like Trump and said he didn’t vote for him in the primary.  He recounted how he’d gone to the voting booth undecided but was trying to choose between Ben Carson and Ted Cruz.

I asked if he’d considered John Kasich as I thought that if you’re going to vote for a Republican it made sense to vote for someone who could work across the aisle.  I don’t think any of the other candidates cares about that. He doesn’t know anything about Kasich.  Research much?

Him:  “I don’t like Trump but I’ll vote for whoever the Republican nominee is.  With a Republican controlled Congress and a Republican President we won’t have to work across the aisle.”



“You do know the government is supposed to represent and work for all the people, not just some of the people, right? This isn’t Burger King, you can’t have it your way.”

Him:  “It’s already been that way.  Democrats have been getting their way all this time.”




47 thoughts on “Fast Food Politics

  1. My mother in law and my grandmother in law are trumpeters and I almost puked when they said “his wife seems like a really sweet pretty lady.” Yeah because that’s a reason to elect a neo-Nazi racist fascist to run our country SMH 😳 Lol

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    • In know that voting is a right and I would never attempt to take that right away from the people but it would be really nice if the people who don’t bother to research anything and who only bet on the dog that took a dump before the race would just stay at home on election day. 😉

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      • These are people who vote straight ticket (republican) for religious reasons. Instead of “you had me at hello” like in the movie Jerry Maguire- they’re like “you had me at God…” 🤔🙈😄 scary…

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  2. Oh I wish Obama could read that last bit… I’d pay money, good money, to watch his reaction.

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    • If I could post pictures of the Trump signs in people’s yards with the slogan “Make America Great Again” you would see a confederate flag in the background of at least 80% of the pictures I posted 😱 Racism in America is real- and it’s really bad. I live in the south and sometimes it’s so bad listening to conversations I feel like I’m living in the 1860’s 😔

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      • I’m right there with you. In my mind I can hear “The South’s Gonna Rise Again” playing. Some days I feel trapped in a scene from Deliverance.

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        • I had a “feel the Bern” sticker on my car until this red neck rolled down his window at a light and yelled “fu**ing liberal you’re in the wrong place- this is the south!” And thats when I remembered these idiots carry guns- and a sticker is not worth dying over 😳 Lol

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          • I’ve held my support of Bernie close to the vest. People around here are quite viscous about “socialism”.

            There are rebel flags flying all over the place around here. I’ve seen this one quite a bit, too:

            I don’t mind that one so much, but implied in the flying of it is, “Don’t tread on me while I’m treading all over you.”

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          • I have a picture of a license plate with that on it and several bumper stickers on the same car (which I would have posted the picture because you have to see to believe but I couldn’t blur out his tags and I don’t won’t to get in trouble). But here are his stickers as follows 1) Pro God Pro Gun Pro life 2) Cruz 2016 3) ALL lives Matter 🤔 Dafuq?!?! Walking contradiction much?!?! Lol…so yeah- no worries I won’t tread on him- I will get dafuq out of his way and hope he goes back to the holler he crawled out of 🙈😂


    • Haha! I think Republicans might get their chance if Cruz or Trump are elected to office. More than half of their own party can’t stand – and I mean vocally – either one of them. I’m not sure either one of them can “cross the aisle” within their own party, much less bridge the divide between the two parties that are most represented.

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  3. That’s odd, from my perspective, because governments here don’t “work across the aisle”- we have had one coalition since 1945, for five years. In France they have “Cohabitation” where the President is of a different party to the parliament, but that is not the usual state of affairs.

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    • I actually like the way our founders set up the country. I just don’t like the way it’s been corrupted. We seriously need campaign finance reform and term limits on our Congressional representatives. Maybe tRump can push that right through.

      The U.S., despite what it might look like, is actually a Republic not a Democracy. We have three branches of government; legislative, executive, and judicial. The legislative and executive branches are elected by the people and the judicial is appointed by nomination of the executive and approval of the legislative. It’s meant to be a system of checks and balances so that the “little guy” is represented equally with the “big guy”. Unfortunately campaign finance and lobbyists have corrupted that. Within that elected body, I suppose we could have as many parties as we want. We currently have libertarians, republicans, democrats, the tea party, and we used to have a green party but I’m not sure if’s still viable. The Democrats and Republicans are by far the main two parties with the Democrats being seen as liberal and the Republicans being seen as conservative. Within those two parties runs the gambit of left-leaning, moderate, and right-leaning.

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  4. From our time here it sure sounds like Trump will win in Florida. We just don’t get it. Of course we’re Canadian so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it. :mrgreen:

    We heard that so many Americans have been checking out Canada that their website crashed from all the traffic.

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  5. OMGoogle Ruth, (to use Neuro’s line) – I wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry. . I’ve only got one Trump supporter on my Noseybook feed and I try very hard to completely ignore her. I’m like you – what do you say to that kind of thinking??

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  6. Sad, isn’t it? There has been talk of rating the Republican “debates” R for sex and violence. Rubio and Trump talking about Trump’s penis and Rafael Cruz wanting to carpet bomb the Middle East without respect for collateral damage. Kasich is largely ignored, although he made a showing in Michigan.

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  7. If I may add to the insanity Ruth 😉 , there is as much intelligence in blindly voting one party-ticket as there is in this gem of a meme…

    And Ruth, since you know my ‘family situation’, a very close family member posted this pic on her profile. Talk about “close to home”! 😮

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    • Yeah, I’ve seen that one all over facebook.

      I think they hear the word socialism and assume they know all about it. You can have a democratic government with some socialist policies and not be a socialist country. All I can do is smh… And give that Judge Judy look up there.

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      • “I think they hear the word socialism and assume they know all about it.”

        Exactly. During these type of open conversations I often mention the highly successful Nordic Model of Socialism (if that’s even the correct modern term?) of which those nations are leading promoters of enhancing individual autonomy, ensuring the universal provision of basic human rights, as well as promoting GENDER EQUALITY, egalitarian and extensive benefit levels, large magnitudes of redistributions, and expansionary fiscal policy. Many of these policies & laws are (struggling?) American ideals too! At least America of the 1760s and 1780s, huh? 😉

        Then they stand or sit there with this face at me: o_O And in the brief silence I wonder in my head… “Was your secondary education or possibly COLLEGE education trapped in a time-capsule!?”

        I guess the popular (unfounded) connotation of socialism today by all our American “voting scholars” seems to still be trapped in the 1930’s thru the Cold War and “fear” of Communist China! LOL 😛

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  8. I know it’s easy to throw disdane from my side of the Atlantic while sipping my morning tea, but US politics does scare me sometimes 😦

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  9. LOVE your picture responses! So apropos.

    The guy that said he didn’t know anything about Kasich? No surprise. The media has essentially ignored him … and for MANY people, that’s the only contact they have with the outside world (outside their church, that is).

    Watched the debate last night. tRump was considerably more restrained but offered no more substantive responses than he has in previous appearances. I find it mind-boggling that his supporters are unable to see this. The others actually gave some intelligent and thoughtful answers, but tRump? The usual bragging about polls, who endorsed him, and how this country is in “really bad shape” but he’s the one that’s going to “Make America Great Again.” *gag*

    Sidenote — my other-half “jokingly” commented, “Maybe he’s the anti-christ.” Hmmmm.

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    • He has no substance.

      “I’ll tell you later,” “It’s a secret,” and “We’re looking into it,” do not substance make.

      Apparently America was only great before 1985.


  10. This is so funny. And I truly thought you couldn’t get crazier than South African politics and our ”electorate”.

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