Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

13 thoughts on “Comedic Relief

  1. It would be quite appropriate to turn on the owner and the maker of this hideous outfit ! 🙂

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  2. Oh, dear… It’s gonna be hard to live that down. The cats on FB will never stop laughing.


    • I know. How humiliating…

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      • Dear Humans,
        would you give it a rest? We mean your silly ideas about dressing dogs* as your children or toys, arranging them in embarrassing poses, taking their pictures, and then sharing them on social media?

        Would you like it if we, your loving and faithful companions, did that to YOU? And you knew that all the internets, and most of all the cats, were laughing at you?

        No, we didn’t think so. Which is why we don’t do it. We are better than that. Also have no thumbs. But mostly we are better.

        So quit it already.

        Thank you in advance,
        Concerned Dogs Everywhere.

        *Cats are a different matter. Go ahead, dress’em up, and upload your pics to http://www.catlolz4dogz.com. Prize for best photo of the day!


  3. Oh my 🙈😂 (laughing at the owner of this poor dog). Reminds me of that show on TLC where the people have weird obsessions- like the guy who loved his car so much he married his car 😮 Lol

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  4. Hahaha that’s so cute!!!

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  5. Oh my my! She’s a LOOKER alright! What a REAL hot dog! 😉 😛

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