Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

8 thoughts on “Declaring their “CANADA-cy”

  1. I am only 30 miles from the border and can get there quickly on foot or by horse if it starts getting too ugly.

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  2. THAT Ruth was FREAKING HILARIOUS!!! Thank you, THANK YOU for many continuing laughs! I have to share this…

    By the way, not sure if you’ve seen this clip or are familiar with IVN: Independent Voter Network. When I was preparing for Texas Early Voting last month, I stumbled across a ‘legal’ condition surrounding entry to our Texas Primaries. In 2012 I didn’t have to worry about this legal condition, but now this year… it did really REALLY matter! As I researched and verified what I had read in the League of Women Voters newspaper guide to the candidates, I learned that Texas is now a MORE complicated “Semi-Open/Closed” Primaries state! What does that mean that most/many voters don’t know about, including maybe Arizona and the other Closed or Semi-Open/Closed states? Watch…

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    • MORE people need to see this! Thanks for posting. (I’ve shared on FB.)

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      • You’re welcome Nan! As a traditional Independent (Freethinking) voter, it resounded with me big time. For the last 4-5 presidential elections — many more critical elections in Texas! — I’ve always felt my vote was never really any impact, but I refuse to ignore my conscience and principles. Therefore, I’m TOTALLY onboard with IVN and their projects! 😀

        Thanks for sharing it! ❤

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  3. Hahaha, this was really funny!!!!


  4. I just posted an article about wikileaks exposing Hillary Clinton finally.
    Bernie is closer and closer to the nomination with or without the DNC and the electoral votes and superdelegates support. Hillary will most likely be forced out 😎✌🏽️❤️


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