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21 thoughts on “Would you like some tea?

  1. I’ve seen this before, and I love this video, it makes things so clear.

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    • It is a great video, is it not? Yes, if you apply the standards you might use for asking a person about their preferences in other things to sex it gets super simple, right? Who would’ve thought?

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  2. Well, yes. One of the yuck comments I read said something like, as she was unconscious, we don’t know if consent happened. As if consent is an enforceable contract. People don’t get this, simple though it is.

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    • Unconscious people do not consent, nor do they dissent. Because they’re unconscious!!! Jeez, what morons. And if a person does consent, but then they pass out, game over. I can’t imagine even having the desire to copulate with a person who couldn’t fully participate, anyway. This should tell us all something about the person who would do such a thing.

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  3. When he said he was going to make himself some tea, was he still using his analogy for sex?

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  4. I. Love. This!

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  5. It should be required viewing.

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  6. Yes, with milk and sugar. Some pie to go with it too.

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  7. Mmmm, well done Ruth and well done Blue Seat Studios. That is something even my 4th or 5th graders can understand and implement, EASY! Yet for some adults, some very specific men? What is so alien about the principle? And so that raises all sorts of childhood/teenage parenting of that now Tea-Forcer’s upbringing and/or peer-pressure, let alone ownership of his own actions and furthermore our society’s and our courts and laws Sexist culture. 😦

    Should I even ask what this non-transgendered hetero Stanford student would have potentially done — as far as we know? — in ANY public bathroom if he’s more than comfortable committing rape outside behind a dumpster where anyone could walk up!? Seriously?

    What THA FUCK is wrong with you hetero men who still don’t get it!!!??? And I’m not just talking about the felons; I’m also talking about those male friends or bystanders who do or say nothing! 😮

    Thanks for sharing that Ruth! ❤

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    • I think it also says something about our sexualized culture. There is so much pressure put on young people to either remain celibate or to have sex. Why? I’m hearing loads about young people sexting, sending nude photos of themselves, having sex at quite young ages, etc…as part of an initiation of sorts to be in the “in” crowd. All I can do is smh…

      Porn doesn’t help much, either. There is so much of it that portrays the women as only playing hard to get and teasing by at first saying no, but then enjoying being coerced or even forced. No means no. Period. It’s not cute, it’s not funny, and it’s not sexy. A solid yes can be sexy as hell. No should be the end of it.

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  8. At first, I thought “tea” was a pseudonym for religion. 😉 But as it continued, I thought, “Wait a minute! There’s something else going on here.” Good posting. Too bad the people that need to see it … probably won’t.

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    • You’re absolutely right about those who need to see it probably not. Though I’m sure the “tea” metaphor can be extended to all sorts of things people might feel pressured about. If you think about it like it’s a cup of tea, it gets a whole lot simpler. Do you want to do this or that or not? Yes or no. Maybe is even acceptable. People are entitled to think about the decisions in their life. Even the little ones like, “would you like some tea?” “Hmm…lemme think about it.” See, easy peasy.


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