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Sealed with a Kiss




Photo credit:  TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images©


Now Mike Pence knows what it feels like to be groped by an entitled old white guy.  Just like a woman, he closed his eyes, hoped for the moment to soon pass, and thought, “someone, please, just tell me when it’s over.”

I wonder if this is what it looked like when Judas kissed Jesus.  Just.so.uncomfortable.

28 thoughts on “Sealed with a Kiss

  1. Some of us have not had breakfast yet, Ruth…

    Which, on the second thought, may just be better.

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  2. But not quite as uncomfortable as it is for women. Because we don’t know what’s coming next. Literally or metaphorically. Men don’t stop at one grope with women. That’s the difference.

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    • Somehow I think before it’s all over Mike Pence will have been metaphorically fucked. He has no idea what to expect next, either. Donald Trump is hardly stopping with that one air kiss.

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  3. Their relationship is strange. Trump is Geppetto and Pence is Pinocchio.

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    • There are things worse than death. I think Pence is about to find out.

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      • I meant death to his career, but then again, he appears to be a power-hungry opportunist who’s willing to take it up the (you know what) to stay in the game. Although Indiana is a red state, Pence was facing a close race against Democratic opponent John Gregg this November if he didn’t join Trump’s ticket. Until just recently, he loathed Trump according to the National Review and several comments he made on Twitter.

        Zero integrity.


  4. Oh my. This is all just so AMAZING! tRump is offering a kiss to his AMAZING Veep. And his AMAZING Veep shuts his eyes in anticipation because this AMAZING guy is about to plant one on him. It’s just all so AMAZING I can hardly stand it.

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  5. For those needing some Trump relief…..

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    • I watched this from the MSN homepage. I love it!

      Then I scrolled down and read the comments. 😦 It is so hard for me to believe that in 2016 people are still so racist and uppity. The comments were unbelievably racist. And thanks to Drumpf they don’t even feel the need to disguise it.

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      • I almost feel as though racism isn’t even a strong enough word for what we’ve seen lately, especially this summer. Between that poor man in Minnesota and the therapist in Florida, can we call this form of police brutality terrorism? I know that’s strong, but I feel we need a stronger expression so that people will better understand the real weight of this issue. How can people justify calling our Black President and our Black First Lady apes, gorillas and monkeys? How can people think it’s okay to say (even jokingly) “if you ain’t White, you ain’t right!”? How can whites so flippantly use the n word and even feel validated in doing so in their sick humor? I grew up with the shittiest parents and I still never heard them say that word! That’s something for Whites who do use it to think about. How does a person, a cop more specifically, shoot dead a man in his car during daylight right in front of the victim’s partner and her FOUR YEAR OLD DAUGHTER?! And the man admitted straight away that he had a permit to carry. How is a counselor who is assisting an autistic person shot while lying on his back with his hands up after he identifies himself to the police?! And most importantly, why are we seeing this bull shit among atheists?! We can’t say that we’re rational when we speak and behave so irrationally about/towards other races.

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        • Charity, you said/wrote a mouthful … and I agree with every word! The elitism that is being demonstrated among (certain) “white people” is totally uncalled for. And the police actions? There simply are no words. But what’s even worse, in my book, is the people who are defending them. Yes, the majority are undoubtedly fine individuals, but they need to begin weeding out the “undesirables.” From things I’ve read, these people are easy to spot … even among the ranks … by their attitudes and remarks.

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          • Nan, I’m just tired of the violence. We have all of these hang ups in our society about sex, affection, honesty and tears, but violence is so easily accepted. I think a lot of it goes back to things like TBI and PTSD. So many of our men suffer from these things, but are told to “man up”. Why is being manly being scary? It makes no sense. I’m the oldest of seven daughters and the mom of two sons. My husband sometimes gets upset with me when I tell him to chill with our boys. He tells me that I’m being unreasonable. I let him know that somebody somewhere has to end this vicious cycle of racism, terrorism and abuse. Why not us? He tells me that I’m not being realistic. I tell him that we have the power to change reality. So, why not do it? He himself suffers from TBI from his explosives unit while in the military and PTSD from childhood. This is what I remind him. He has the power to be aware of the damage and actually do something positive about it with our children.

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  6. Damn. That looks like such an awkward moment.

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  7. I’ll bet Pence was hoping for a little tongue.

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  8. Maybe that’s how they had proposed to end the show but Pence didn’t take in all the details.

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  9. An image that says so much… lol.


  10. Funny and repulsive all wrapped in those fake lips and coffe-breath. 😮


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