Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

21 thoughts on “Thanks Canadian Friends!

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  2. That’s nice . . . and all true! Little detail: around here, everyone says, “the States” instead of “America”. After all, it’s only an 8-hour drive to get there – a hop, skip and jump! 🙂

    P.S. Our Aussies just left- they’re the ones who say, “America”.

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    • Somebody is quite obviously a ray of sunshine! :/sarcasm

      Yeah, we’ve done plenty of bad things, too. I didn’t take this video nor the message to be playing into any sort of American Exceptionalism, which I personally take exception to. I don’t think America is the GREATEST. Or that we’ve cornered the market on good things, inventions, discoveries, wealth, or anything of the sort. But listening to a certain segment of the population it would be very easy to forget that we’ve ever done anything good at all. Or that we ever could again.


  3. Love it Ruth. We do need reminding of this relative “greatness” every two and four years don’t we? LOL

    I’m sharing this video on FB; after all… aren’t we the UNITED states of America? Let’s try and act like it! Hahaha 😛


    • I think it’s going to take some time to heal after this election cycle. United? Maybe. Depends on who you ask. Methinks Donald Trump might just hold up the severed head of the Congress just to prove that point.

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  4. Thoughtful video, but ask them if they’d want to move here, permanently. Lol

    All my family, on my dad’s side, are Canadian. My grandparents moved here when my dad was a baby. They ended up becoming citizens. I wonder if they would have done that in today’s America.


  5. As a Canadian, I agree that America is pretty great.

    But we are talking about what a shit-show the election is. Let’s be real here.

    And I’m staying right here. lol. Cool little video though.

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    • In my best South Georgia parlance, “Ain’t no doubt it’s a shit-show.” And I’m surrounded by some of the shittiest showers. o_O

      I do know some real Super Trumpsters who buy into all his conspiratorial bs, but most of the people I know, regardless of whether they’re voting Democrat or Republican, are holding their noses to vote.

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